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Morgan County Sheriff’s Department

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On April 9 Casandra Hill, 17, Rutledge was arrested and charged with simple battery. According to reports, Hill allegedly pulled a woman’s hair during an argument.

On April 7 Joseph Charles Torres, 36, Camden, S.C. was arrested and charged with obstruction, improper passing, driving while license suspended and improper display of a license plate. According to reports, a deputy allegedly observed a vehicle driven by Torres with an improperly displayed license plate. The deputy also allegedly observed the vehicle cut in front of another vehicle and brake. The vehicle was stopped and while the deputy was interacting with a second vehicle at 1:48 a.m., Torres fled the traffic stop on foot. The deputy questioned the remaining passengers and, determine that none had an active driver’s license, transported them to the Morgan County Detention Center. The following day at approximately 8:30 a.m. a second deputy observed a suspect matching Torres description leaving the Quick Shop convenience store on Confederate Road and get into a Toyota Tundra truck. That truck was stopped by a Georgia State Patrol trooper. A deputy responded to the stop and identified Torres.

On April 7 Dwight Robinson, 61, Madison was arrested and charged with simple battery. According to reports, deputies responded to a Jackson Street residence regarding a dispute. A woman at the residence alleged that Robinson requested that she change her shirt before they went to Wal Mart because the shirt had a food stain. She said he then allegedly struck her on the left side of her face with a closed fist.

On April 6 a fraud complaint was filed at a Atlanta Highway, Rutledge residence. According to reports, a man said that he had discovered that a woman had written five fraudulent checks totaling $4,100 from the account of his deceased mother. The complainant said his mother died on January 20, 2018 and the checks were written on Dec. 11, 2017, the second check on Jan. 5, 2018, the third on Mar. 11, 2018, the fourth on Mar. 22, 2018 and the fifth check on Mar. 28, 2018. Reports state that the checks were allegedly taken while the suspect worked as a care giver for the deceased woman.

On April 4 Jesse Allen Rhodes, 30, Good Hope, was arrested and charged with terroristic threats and acts, false imprisonment, simple battery and cruelty to children in the third degree. According to reports, deputies were dispatched to a Highs Shoals Road residence in regards to a domestic complaint. When they arrived, reports state, they were told that Rhodes had left the residence. They spoke with a woman at the residence who alleged that Rhodes had become distraught regarding an upcoming divorce and began to push the woman. The woman said she tried to leave but alleged that Rhodes locked her inside the residence and would not allow her to leave. The woman said the interactions took place in front of a three-year-old and four-year-old child. The woman said at one point she was able to flee the house with one of the children and took refuge in her vehicle. She was able to call her mother using the Bluetooth inside her vehicle and her mother arrived. The mother said she observed Rhodes banging on the woman’s car. The mother said she ran inside and collected the other child and took the child to her car.

On April 5 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Youngblood Motors, North Main Street. According to reports, an employee alleged that someone had taken a $600 torque wrench from his tool box. Reports state that video surveillance showed a second employee removing the wrench. The complainant told the officer that he did not want to press charges but did want his wrench back. The deputy spoke with the second employee, who said he had only borrowed the wrench and intended on giving it back. The second employee was terminated and the deputy went to his residence and retrieved the wrench and returned it to the complainant.

On April 5 a disorderly conduct complaint was filed at a Pine Tree Circle residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that a 14-year-old female had threatened her daughter with a taser weapon. The juvenile told the officer that she had, in fact, pulled a taser on the second juvenile but her motivation was because the daughter’s mother had pulled a knife on the juvenile. Neither the knife or taser was used, just presented, reports state. The juvenile with the taser was served with a criminal trespass notice to not enter the property of the woman with the knife.

On April 5 a terroristic threats complaint was filed at a Old Mill Road, Rutledge residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that her estranged husband became enraged while packing a suitcase to leave. The woman alleged that the husband left but came back and accused her of taking all his money. He then allegedly threatened to kill her and when a family friend suggested that the estranged husband was not going to hurt anyone he allegedly threatened to “whoop” the friend. He also allegedly threatened to shoot any police officers that arrived and suggested that he would apply for a divorce so that the complainant would not be compensated. The complainant left with the family friend as a deputy arrived. The estranged husband denied all the allegations.

On April 5 an information report was filed at a Flat Rock Road location. According to reports, a woman alleged that another woman stopped her car on Mallory Road and threatened her juvenile son. The complainant said after the son attempted to ignore the woman, the woman exited the car and asked the child “… did you hear what I said?” and acted as if she would give chase.

On April 5 an entering auto complaint was filed at a Baldwin Dairy Road, Buckhead residence. According to reports, a man said someone damaged his  2001 Honda Civic during the night. Reports state that a back window was shattered.

The man said he had recently had trouble with a neighbor cutting the complainant’s grass even though the complainant asked the neighbor to refrain. The man valued the window at $500.

On April 4 Chester Riley Stephens, 33, Buckhead was arrested and charged with terroristic threats and disorderly conduct. According to reports, officers were called to a Seven Islands Road residence after a woman reported that  Stephens had allegedly come into her residence at midnight after he had been served with a trespass notice from his mother’s house across the street. The woman alleged that Stephens became abusive to her daughter and she asked him to leave. She said at one point, Stephens tore off his shoes.

The woman said she smacked Stephens and forced him from the house and called police. She also threatened to hit him with a metal stick. Reports state when deputies arrived they observed Stephens wearing only blue jeans and socks and smelling of urine. The woman retrieved the damaged boots and delivered them to deputies at the end of her driveway.

On April 4 a theft by taking and criminal trespass complaint was filed at a Seven Islands Road residence. According to reports, a woman requested officers help her gather some of her cows. The woman said someone had removed a gate towards the cow field in an apparent attempt to steal the cows. The woman said the area is under video surveillance.

On April 2 a fraud complaint was filed at a Riverwalk Road residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that she had received a letter from Fingerhut regarding her charging an X Box 1 video game system to her account. The woman said she had not charged the item and believes someone removed the catalogue from a vacant residence she owns in Snellville and fabricated a charge on her account.

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