Investigation continues in motel shooting

Patrick Yost News

Madison authorities are continuing an investigation into a shooting at the Budget Inn that left one man hospitalized.

According to Madison Police Department reports, Joshua Matthew Epps, 21, Rutledge, was shot once in the abdomen outside a Budget Inn Motel room on Tuesday, April 10 at 12:50 a.m.

According to Madison Police Chief Bill Ashburn, Epps was transported to Athens Regional Medical Center for treatment. Investigators are still waiting to interview Epps regarding the shooting, Ashburn said.

Reports state that witnesses at the motel told officers that Epps had arrived at the motel with two women and was visiting a man at the motel. The man told officers that Epps had been texting another man and that the texts were angering the recipient. The witness told officers that “… the unknown male that Epps was texting stated that if he doesn’t leave him alone, he was going to come over there…”

The witness said Epps continued to text the man “… until he showed up and shot Epps.”

When officers arrived they found Epps unresponsive on the floor of a motel room. as Epps was being treated he regained consciousness and identified a man who may have been involved in the shooting.

Chief Ashburn said authorities have identified a suspect but have not made any arrests pending the completion of the investigation. “There are still some questions about what caused the shooting,” Chief Ashburn said.

Reports state that officers found a large filet knife in Epps waistband. Epps was found shirtless. A witness said Epps removed his shirt when he left the motel room to confront the man.

Witnesses alleged that a Kia Soul left the parking lot of the motel immediately after the shooting.

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