Real estate transactions total $7,191,482

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April 2, 2018

• Steve P. Maxey of Watkinsville to Daniel J. DeRoche of Conyers, Old Mill Road, (11.28 acres), Rutledge, $93,740.

• Mallard Ridge Development LLC of Roswell to Luke A. Golden of Bostwick, 1040 Mallard Ridge Road, Madison, $32,892.

• Raymond J. Northcutt of Covington to Hannah Kalland of Covington, 1231 Spinnaker Road, Buckhead, $18,250.

• Hidden Falls Development LLC of Madison to Jacob McClure of Rutledge, 260 Hidden Springs Dr. and 111 Spring Creek Drive, $10,000.

• Joshua Coleman of Madison to Southerly Homes LLC of Covington, 1261 Waterstone Drive, Buckhead ,3.052 acres, $30,500.

• Bryron C. Rogers of Villa Rica, to Lavalle S. Ashley of Atlanta, 2970 Monticello Highway, Madison, 46.22 acres, $540,000.

• Long Range Capital LLC of Madison to Daniel Mark Gissendaner of Monroe, Morris Road, 12 acres, Madison, $106,800.

• Mary J. Lilly of Atlanta to Parnell Enterprises, LLC of Madison, 264 E. Jefferson Street, Madison, $160,000.

• Lamar Lord of Madison to Brett P. Adcock of Madison, 1640 Apalachee River Road, 2 acres, Madison, $193,000.

• Gail P. Goldsmith of Taylors, S.C. to Lamar Lord of Madison, 1021 Whispering Lakes Trail, 0.665 acres, Madison, $254,900.

• Bank of Madison of Madison to Edward W. McDuffie, III of Bishop, U.S. 2761 Athens Highway 441 & VFW Lane, 63.18 acres, $310,000.

• Angela Marie Davis of Madison to Murk Smitherman and Cathy Smitherman, Co-Trustees of … of Bufford, 4621 Sandy Creek Road, Madison, 26.833 acres, $1,170,000.

• Equity Trust Company, Custodian FBO Wendell D. McNeal IRA of Conyers to Joel Kelly of Atlanta, Monticello Highway, Madison, $260,000.

April 3, 2018

• Breco Capital Fund 1, LLC of Madison to Georgia Foods Real Estate Holding LLC of Elon, N.C., Eatonton Road, 3.17 acres, $650,000.

• Edwin A. Sheneman, Jr. of Wilmington, N.C. to Clint Smith of Madison, 1781 Westminster Way, Madison, 1.06 acres, $329,900 44A/053.

April 4, 2018

• R. L. Taylor of Buckhead to Shannon Marquis Brown of Athens, Apalachee River Road, Madison, 2 acres, $2,000.

• Jane Dianne Lemons Earls of Madison to Keith Murphy of Bishop, 3880 Buckhead Road, Madison, 3.444 acres, $50,000.

• Brant L. Whittaker of Bostwick to Michael E’Dalago of Bostwick, 2141 Wellington Road, Bostwick, 8.5 acres, $285,000.

• Steve A. Kimsey, Jr. of Madison to Reginald E. Holden of Madison, 370 Plum Street, Madison, $277,500.

April 5, 2018

• Bank of Madison to RBC Homes LLC of Madison, 1010 Matthew Lane, Madison, $15,000.

• Robert A. Andreottola of Eatonton to Thomas Eichloff of Bock Raton, Fla., 254 West Washington St., Madison, $151,000.

April 6, 2018

• Samuel P Williams of Colbert, Wash. To Paul Smillie of Buckhead, 1040 Apalachee Court, Buckhead, 1.12 acres, $426,000.

• J. Floyd Adcock of Madison to Aaron M. Wadley of Madison, 1727 Greensboro Road, Madison, 37.863 acres, $325,000.

• Farmers and Merchants Bank of Eatonton to Victor W. Parrish of Conyers, Clarks Fork Road, Buckhead, 21.41 acres, $152,000.

April 9, 2018

• Walter D. Buchanan of Buckhead to Robert T. Pepper of Livingston, TX, 1551 Heidi Trail, Buckhead, $350,000.

• Brandilynn M. Cathey of Madison to Mansfield Partners LLC of Madison, Foster Street (Horse Branch Hill), Madison, $599,000.

• SBP Investments Group LLC of Madison to Ronald J. Urban of Madison, 1130 West Magnolia Loop, Madison, $399,000.

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