Gov. candidate Kemp comes to Morgan

Tia Lynn Ivey News

Brian Kemp, one of five Republican candidates for Governor, visited Farmview Market in Madison last Tuesday and was at a private fundraiser at the home of Dr. Patrick Greco and Jimmy Stanton that night trying to make his case to local voters.

Kemp, former Georgia secretary of state, is hoping Georgia Republicans will cast a ballot for him in the May 22 primary election to win his party’s nomination to move forward to the general election this November.

Kemp described himself as a candidate in touch with the “working man.”

“I am just like you,” said Kemp, who noted his love of farming, hunting, and cowboy boots. “I’m a father, I’m a husband, and I’m a small-business owner. I have been working hard my whole life.”

Kemp touted his combined 30-plus-year experience in the private sector and public office as the reason he is uniquely qualified for Governor of the State of Georgia.

“I am going to put you first,” promised Kemp. He vowed to put the needs of Georgia citizens ahead of special interests and illegal immigrants. “I have a track record of doing what I say. When I get into office, if you all will help me win this race, I will work everyday to put you all first.”

Kemp noted his efforts, as a former Georgia Secretary of State and a former Georgia State Senator, to cut spending, lower taxes, slash regulation, defend voter ID requirements, and utilize technology to streamline government operations. Kemp promised to implement the efficiency of the private sector into state government, if elected this November.

Kemp is running on a platform of “conservative principles,” devising a four-point plan to implement should he become the next governor of Georgia.

Kemp outlined his four-point plan should he be elected governor this November.

With a “Georgians First” mindset, Kemp aims to make Georgia the number one state in the country for small businesses to thrive and aims to equip rural Georgia with essential improvements in education, healthcare, and technology. Kemp places a special emphasis on developing and providing more opportunities for rural Georgia.

“We need to give people the same opportunities in all parts of the state—no matter where you live, no mater what your zip code is,” said Kemp at a separate event. He noted access to high-speed broadband is a key goal for rural Georgia.

Kemp also said his focus as governor would center around economic development, lowering healthcare costs without giving more funding to Medicaid, and getting Georgia’s workforce in good paying, long-term jobs.

Morgan County’s State Representative Dave Belton officially endorsed Kemp at Tuesday’s gathering.

“I am supporting and endorsing Brian Kemp. There are a lot of good candidates out there running, but he is the most honest and the most hardworking. He is the most real guy out there,” said Belton. “I would rather have Brian over any other of those other folks.”

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