Morgan County Sheriff's Office

Morgan County Sheriff’s Department

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On April 21, a damage to property complaint was filed at a Parks Mill Road, Buckhead, residence. According to reports, Morgan County deputies responded to an assistance call from deputies with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office regarding a car chase. A Morgan County deputy noted when he arrived he observed that a 2012 Chevrolet Camaro had crashed through a barbed wire fence and onto the Parks Mill Road property. Reports state that a deputy stated he saw someone leave the vehicle and flee. The Camaro had been reported stolen. Canine officers were called to the scene and tracked the suspect toward the shoreline of Lake Oconee but a suspect was never found. Deputies had to cut a chain leading to the property in order to facilitate a tow truck securing the vehicle. The property owner was not at home at the time of the incident.

On April 21, a burglary complaint was filed at a Bostwick Highway residence. According to reports, a man stated that someone had entered a shed on his property and removed at a 2001 Yamaha Yz125 dirt bike. The man said he believes the bike was taken sometime between 4:30 p.m. on April 20 and 10:40 a.m. on April 21. The complainant valued the bike at $10,000.

On April 19, an information report was filed at a Broughton Road, Newborn, residence. According to reports, a man reported that at approximately 3 a.m. he observed lights in a cow pasture next to his residence. The man said he went to the pasture and observed an open gate and cows in the road. The complainant said he observed dust in the entrance of Shiloh Road. The cows were herded back into the pasture. The livestock owner told officers he believed five cattle were taken. Later the cattle owner told deputies that he had located the missing cattle on the pasture.

On April 19, an information report was filed at a Dixie Highway residence. According to reports, a deputy responded to a complaint call at the residence and observed a man loading a car with personal items. The man’s father told the deputy that he had found his prescription of 30 Adderall pills empty among the items the son was loading in the car. The son said he was loading a woman’s personal items into the car because she was leaving the residence. The father accused the woman and son of taking the Adderall. The son and woman told the officers that the father had told them he was going to blame the loss of pills on the woman in order to get her in trouble.

On April 18, a burglary complaint was filed at a Shockley Road residence. According to reports, a woman said while she was taking care of her aunt’s cat at the residence, she observed that someone had broken into the house. Reports state that the glass on a back door had been shattered and the house had been entered. The complainant said she did not know if anything was missing because the aunt was out of town. Three persons who live nearby said their dog had been acting strange lately and that they had observed a black pickup truck turn around in the roadway and go in the opposite direction.

On April 18, an animal complaint was filed at a Mallard Court residence. According to reports, a man said after he was out walking in the neighborhood he came home and a Rottweiler was in his yard and was preventing him from entering his residence. A deputy spoke to a woman who lived nearby with three dogs, including a Rottweiler, and explained the incident and told the woman to secure her dogs.

On April 17, a damage to property complaint was filed at a Dykes Road location. According to reports, a man said someone had cut a hole in fence on the property. Reports state that workers had noticed cows had escaped the fence. The man said he repaired the fence to prevent more cows getting out and that all of his cows are accounted for.

On April 17, a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Broughton Road residence. According to reports, a man said someone had taken his blue 2000 Polaris ATV and 2011 Hooper trailer.

Both items were taken from a storage building on his property. The items are valued at more than $3,000 and entry to the area appeared to have been gained through a hole cut in a pasture fence.

On April 16, a theft complaint was filed on Interstate 20 near the 124 mile marker in the westbound lane. According to reports, a man said he had left his Nissan Xterra and a trailer with two ATV vehicles on the side of the road after the Nissan had broken down.

The man said when he returned after renting a U-Haul vehicle, the trailer and ATV’s were gone. The man valued the trailer and 2010 Yamaha 700 and Polaris 400 at $23,000.

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