Car runs over woman during car chase

Patrick Yost News

A suspect in a car chase ran over a woman’s leg as she jumped from the car being chased in the McDonald’s parking lot last week.

According to Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, deputies attempted to initiate a traffic stop on a rented 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee that was traveling at approximately 120 mph westbound on Interstate 20 on Sunday, April 29 at approximately 11 p.m.

Reports state that after the deputy engaged his emergency lights the Jeep appeared to accelerate and exited the interstate at the 114 exit in Madison. The vehicle then turned into McDonald,s, reports state, and a man exited the rear of the vehicle. As an officer closed in on the Jeep the vehicle sped up and a 18-year-old woman jumped from the rear seat. The vehicle sped away and ran over the woman’s leg, reports state.

Officers secured the man, Almond Domingo Anderson, 22, Atlanta and questioned him regarding the vehicle and the driver as other units continued pursuit. Anderson told officers he did not know the identity of the driver, where they were coming from or where they were. He said they had all met at a barbecue and were getting a ride. Deputies read Anderson his Miranda Rights and he refused to answer questions without an attorney. He was then arrested and charged with obstruction.

The woman was transported by National EMS to Piedmont Hospital in Athens.

A Morgan County deputy deployed a stop stick at the fleeing vehicle in the eastbound lane at the 105 mile marker and damaged a rear tire. Approximately one mile later, reports state, the vehicle’s tire failed and the Jeep swerved into the median and then drove eastbound in the westbound lane until it drove into the westbound rest area.

Reports state that a male and female exited the Jeep while it was still moving in the rest area parking lot and the Jeep struck the trailer of a tractor-trailer rig at the rest area.

The man and woman fled into a wooded area behind the rest area. Morgan Count authorities were assisted in searching for the suspects by Social Circle Police, a canine unit from Covington Police and the Georgia State Patrol.

Officers located a purse and a black hat but the search was eventually called off.

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