Garden Museum debuts at Cultural Center

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The Madison-Morgan Cultural Center (MMCC) recently underwent an extensive, exterior $1. 8 million makeover, hiring an Atlanta-based landscaping firm tasked with the restoration and greening of the main building, along with improvements to the drainage system.

“We are building for the future,” said MMCC Director Kim Brown. “We are hoping to build for a larger, more diverse, audience, and trying to make the center more welcoming.”

Over the last few years, the MMCC has been raising money through a capital campaign for the project, so far raising $1.5 million.

“This has been a long time coming with a lot of thought and planning going into it,” said Brown. “We have completed the first phase, but we also have a second long-term phase planned for the back of the building when we redo the hall.”

Turnell & Turnell Landscape Architects, known for their prestigious work on other historical sites throughout the state, including the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation, undertook the project and started planning back in 2016. Chris Lambert referred the MMCC to the company, having a positive experience with Turnell & Turnell due to her work with the Georgia Trust and Historic Preservation.

“We simply could not imagine having had a better experience than we did working with Spencer Turnell and Will McDonald of Turnell & Turnell Landscape Architects and Wes Stone of John Wesley Hammer Construction,” said Brown. “From the first meeting until the last details everyone was as caring and involved as if our project was their own front lawn.”

According to Brown, the entire front of the property was redone, “from the street to the building.”

“We have done all the basics. We have done this to be able to grow and change over time,” said Brown. “We wanted the lawn to be accessible and suitable for concerts and events in the future. We added trees, and plants and made sure there will be flowers plants all-year-long. The walkways were designed to be inviting and to bring people to the lawn from the street,” said Brown.

The MMCC is continuing to raise money through its capital campaign to fund further improvements and redesign projects for the center. To find out how you can donate to the MMCC, contact (706) 342-4743.

“We have the future in mind and want to expand the vision of  the cultural center for our community,” said Brown.

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