Mother’s Day!

Dianne Yost Biz Buzz, Community

Ain’t no buggers out tonight. . . PawPaw killed ‘em all last night . . . NOT!

I swannie there’s a Troll infestation in Morgan County, Momma! They’re just a hatin’ an a bullyin’ on social media an everywhere! We’ve gotta hatch us a scheme and hatch it quick!

Gimme my cell. I’ll get Batman on speed dial. “Batman, it’s Biz Buzz. Momma’s just fine thanks for askin’ . . Hey, we need help in Georgia tonight! Dang! Ok thanks Batman.” CLICK!  Open the batbox Momma! Troll Repellent Spray. PERF! Two Decoy Bat Suits. WHOA! Bat Slingshot with Troll Reversal BatBalls. SNAP! Momma! Stop Sashayin’ in that batcape an’ stop a gigglin’! Those Trolls have big ugly ears and I hear tell they lurk ‘round near the gutters and under the bridge at Round Bowl Springs. Momma! I’ve spotted ‘em with my Troll Goggles! PeeeeEwww! Bless their hearts, those trolls smell like they flat wanna be left alone!. Let her rip, Momma! SWOOSH! SLAM! CRRACK! ZAM! Don’t look now but those Trolls have been hit in the bulls-eye with the batballs! Now they’ll stop hatin’ and bullyin’!

Now the Biz Buzz really needs THREE presents for Mother’s Day in honor of all THREE children! Item number one: The great big wind chime found at Creative Mark, located at 165 South Main Street in Madison! Item number two: Whidby Jewelers’ sapphire and gold, shoulder-duster earrings by Ronaldo Designer Jewelry. And, finally Item Number Three: The amazing olive wreath at the just-opened The Back Porch located at 119 West Jefferson St. All you have to do is open up that beautiful Madison in May Tour of Homes supplement that was in last week’s Citizen to find some awesome Mother’s Day prizes, like a fab pair of Vionics at Barkin’ Dogs Shoe Co., paired with some lovely Brighton jewelry at Amelia’s! Or, please pop over and get Momma a great ole big Gift Certificate at Pure Bliss Spa! Now that would make Momma super happy! Oh and you’d best pop over to BB&G at 115 South Main St., in Madison for a beautiful faux bouquet of hydrangeas paired with a super large collection of designer soaps and cookbooks! Honey and no Mother’s Day is complete without flowers form Zeb Grant Design located at 142 Academy Street in the Madison Markets campus! And, while you’re there, get Momma some amazing Art at Madison Markets! Gorgeous! And Fathers! Pop over to Laughing Moon and you’ll find Momma all kinds of super fab gifts for the garden! I mean it just doesn’t end! 

For a complete guide to all LOCAL shoppin’ destinations, head over the Madison-Morgan Convention & Visitor’s Bureau (CVB) and pick up a copy of the Visitor’s Guide! And, speakin’ of the CVB, Sarah Beth Collins will start on May 14 as the CVB’s new Marketing Coordinator! Congrats Sarah Beth!

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