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I‘ve got to begin by praising God for such a great day on Sunday.  I did not hear anyone saying anything about the weather, just a beautiful day filled with love everywhere you looked. Our church was about packed out and ready to hear a great Mother’s Day sermon and Butch did not disappoint. He took his message from John 16:21; Isaiah 49 and 66, “A Love Compared to God’s Love”.  The only example God gave was the unconditional love of God.  And he used the example of a Mother’s love. And that’s about all the notes I took as my arms were full of baby and I don’t apologize for that.  I was so pleased to have Gayle and Jimmy, Susanne and our new baby Emily in church with me. My heart was full of grandmotherly love and motherly love.  Butch always gives a beautiful sermon so I don’t think anyone was disappointed.  All mother’s were given a beautiful red rose and a trinket box.The oldest mother present was Betty Walker and the youngest was my granddaughter, Susanne and she thanks you and appreciates her unexpected gift.

I surely want to send love, prayers and sympathy to the family of Wayne Hix. He gave up and stepped over into another place last week leaving to grieve his wife, Joann, his only daughter, Joan, and grandchildren and lots of relatives and friends. Friends, I tell you. We just need to be ready anytime. Wayne was still a young man in my eyes but when his number came up God called him. He will be missed.   I want to say thank you to Brownwood Baptist church for the delicious meal the ladies prepared for the family. 

Peggy Harper’s strawberry cake was delicious.  I think she and Eleanor Johnson need to have a strawberry cook off. 

Again I want to say how thrilled we are with the addition to our family.   I am getting older and I thank God that I am here to enjoy Emily a while and I pray that all the young ones coming along have received training as to what’s right and what’s wrong.  I am so disappointed with all that’s going on in this world today.  But then again, isn’t that what the bible has taught us for years.   Cy Easter’s group used to sing a favorite of mine,

“I Believe He’s Coming Back to Earth Again”.  I loved that song and I believe with all

my heart that the time is nearing.  By the way, please pray for Cy when you pray.

He is having some health problems.  Also Ruth would appreciate a word of prayer for her.

This coming Sunday, the 20th, we will honor our graduates with a luncheon after the morning worship.  Heather Evans is graduating from GMC and will continue her education in Business Management at GMC.  Cayla Jackson is graduating from

Morgan County High School and has been accepted at the University of North Georgia.

Blake Stewart will graduate from Lake Oconee Academy and will be attending Lincoln

Tech in Nashville, Tennessee and study Diesel Technology.   We are so proud of these young adults and wish the best for them and their futures.

Today, Monday, Carolyn Gaylor and I visited with Mary Darby, our cousin in Good Hope.

She is a young 88 and a love to be with.  We enjoyed desserts with her.

Thank you Sandie Kesler for the updated listing of future singings at Stonepath Church in Maysville.  And now I can’t find it on my computer.   But there will be a singing with

Clarke and Sandie on Thursday night at 6:30.

Dylan Stewart will celebrate a birthday on the 15th, Tessa Watson the 16th.

In  memory of Wayne Hix, I want to leave you with one of his poems.


E. Wayne Hix, 2018

In heart and mind have we considered Christ beside us along life’s way.

Would we say the words or show actions that we usually show each day.

Would we visit friends and places where we should never be,

And do the things we should not do, with Christ along to see.

Our reputations many know, our character recorded on high.

Wants and desires can surely blind, for we’ll answer for all by and by.

Plant the seeds of good and right, for Christ knows all we do.

And share the crop the seeds have grown as we’re walking through. 

Until next week, may the Lord bless you real good.

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