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A banquet for Morgan County fourth graders was held at the Methodist Church last week to give children the chance to show off their newly learned etiquette skills.

The annual etiquette banquet is the brainchild of Morgan County Elementary School Teacher Angie Fowler who orchestrated the afternoon tea for the second year in a row.

This year, 230 students participated, along with 35 local leaders attending last week’s event.

“We hope the children take away the concept that manners and etiquette skills are vital in their every day life, and that’s it surpasses race, status and age,” said Fowler.  “The is vital in the development of our children’s academic, social and emotional well-being.”

The students learned table manners, appropriate eye contact and hand shakes, as well as how to ask polite questions. The event is part of an effort to instill valuable social skills that will help students be successful and professional in their future careers.

According to Fowler, the etiquette banquet was the culminating event of the countywide KASH (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Habits) initiative. Students have learned various KASH objectives throughout the entire school year in their classrooms.   

“Students learned these KASH skills throughout the year: professionalism, etiquette, communication, career skills, leadership skills, critical thinking, people skills, and self-awareness,” explained Fowler. “Students not only learned table manners and how to be a proper host, but how to write a proper letter and how to engage in appropriate Internet manners.”

Fowler believes the etiquette banquet gives students the opportunity to showcase their new skills to the community, as well as feel valued by the community leaders who attend.

“The students were honored to have so many distinguished members of the community attend the banquet and be such wonderful guests,” said Fowler.  “The response from the community was overwhelming and we are so fortunate to have such a supportive community.”

Attendees included County Commissioner Andy Ainslie, Morgan County Sheriff Robert Markley, and a slew of teachers and parents

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