Real estate transactions total $6,532,095

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May 1, 2018

• Crown Ridge Homes, LLC of Rutledge to Michael Talaga of Huntertown, Id., 532 Village Road, Madison, $545,500.

• Crown Ridge Homes, LLC of Rutledge to Kenneth P. Grant of Madison 548 Village Road, Madison, $399,900.

• David Neuhart of Columbus, Ga. to Knock Homes, LLC of San Francisco, 1220 Westminster Way, Madison, $314,000.

May 2, 2018

• Doris A. Vandergriff of Cumming, to Samuel J. Lamont of Oxford, 1601 Sugar Creek Trail, Buckhead, $405,000.

• Anne Hayes Tanner of Franklin, Tenn. to Jeremy Everett Durden of Mansfield, Atlanta Highway, Rutledge, 8.653 acres, $61,000.

• Deborah V. Tanner of Madison to Dylan Jefferson Carson of Atlanta, Crawford Road, Madison, 18.61 acres, $134,923.

• James W. Boyd of Madison to Kendra Lynne Wyatt of Madison, 1041 Creek Point Drive, Madison, $85,000.

• Denise Fagan of Lansing, Ill. to Wesley Brooks of Buckhead, Lot 4 Saffold Road, Buckhead, 2.77 acres, $16, 620.

• James R. Moorhead, Sr. of Rutledge to Jack Dunworth of Madison, 1070 Rawlings Drive, Rutledge, 2.67 acres, $243,000.

• Hidden Falls Development LLC of Madison to Nancy R Winston, Trustee of the Nancy R. Winston Living Trust of Gambrills, MD, 131 Hidden Falls Court, Rutledge, 1.6 acres, $292,500.

• William S. Stevens of Eatonton to Linda S. Willard of Buckhead, 1330 Morgan Drive, Buckhead, $219,900.

• Jonathan C. Cowan of Madison to Ronald M. Erwin of Madison, 1700 Lower Apalachee Road, Madison, 5 acres, $195,000.

• Victoria C. Boule of Madison to Rosa Marie Jordan of Madison, 1290 Wildflower Way, Madison, $189,900.

May 3, 2018

• J.C. Mechanical & Construction, LLC of Rutledge to Donald L. Krup of Dacula, Ga., 260 Hidden Springs Drive, 1.061 acres, Rutledge, $58,800.

• Mary Lee Thompson of Eatonton to 354Poplar, LLC of Madison, 376 Poplar Street, Madison, $90,000.

• Reverse Mortgage Funding, LLC of Lansing, Mich. to Wilmington Trust, National Association, a national banking… of Lansing, Mich., 1050 Creekwood Circle, 046C 364, .18 acres, Madison, $243,900.

• Wilmington Trust, National Association, a national banking …. of Lansing, Mich. to Tonna Carter of Madison, 1050 Creekwood Circle, Madison, $234,900.

May 4, 2018

• Gary Gustin of Rutledge to Tracy Kiley of Rutledge, 010 065F, $175,000.

• Patrick L. Hartney of Madison to 1420 Meadow Lane, LLC of Madison, 1420 Meadow Lane, 3.75 acres, Madison, $435,000.

• Linda S. Willard of Buckhead to Cameron V. Coody of Madison, 2931 Atlanta Highway, Madison, 2.944 acres, $400,000.

• Linda S. Willard of Madison to Cameron V. Coody of Madison, 2941 Atlanta Highway, Madison, 8.188 acres, $60,000.

• Weldon R. Crook of Madison to Charles D. Meyer of Madison, 875 William Street, Madison, $263,000.

May 7, 2018

• Kyung Hwan Kim and Jung Sook Hong of Madison to Lekey D. Mosley of Madison, 3370 Bostwick Highway, Madison, $205,000.

• Emily W. Asbell of Suwanee, to Bhugesh Patel of Madison, 1131 West Road, Rutledge, $275,000.

• Jimmy D. Lacy of Sylva, NC to SGS Enterprises, LLC of Madison, 2811 Greensboro Highway, 2.49 acres, Madison, $135,000.

• Shelaine Oliver Hawkins of Rutledge to Carl B. Bachmann of Atlanta, Durden Road, Rutledge, $4,000.

• Andrew C. Curtis of Albany, . to Allen J. Glore of Milledgeville, Ga., Three Notch Road, Buckhead, 2.866 acres, $20,000.

May 9, 2018

• William T. Singleton of Good Hope, to Nathaniel E. Williams of Madison, 1041 Anticoch Church Road, 4 acres, Madison, $148,600.

• Jeanette M. Kresge of Hubert, NC to John Ford of Social Circle, Shepherd Road, Rutledge, $64,532.

• James M. Moon, III of Calhoun Falls, SC to John B. Ford, Jr. of Social Circle, Rutledge, $68,120.

May 10, 2018

• Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, d/b/a Christinia Tr … of Minneapolis, MN to Thomas Preston Investments, LLC of Atlanta, 1079 Norris Road, Madison, $135,000.

• Friesen Real Estate Holdings, LLC to Madison-Morgan Conservancy, Inc., 516 South Main Street, 1.884 acres, Madison, $360,000.

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