“The Love of a Mother”

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Our community was saddened on Friday to hear of the death of David Dickson. He was our neighbor for 50 years. We could not have asked for any better neighbor anywhere than he and his wife Sarah.  They would do anything they could to help us in any way, or for anybody that needed them.  He will be missed by anyone that knew him. Our prayers go out to his family during this time.

On Mother’s Day attendance was good with members and visitors. It was so good to have each one with us, on this special day. The call to worship was “God Is So Good”. The choir special was “The Eastern Gate”. All mothers present were recognized. Other special music was by Connie Cottrell.

Pastor Cottrell’s message, “The Love of a Mother” Exodus 1:8- 2:10. What are the circumstances or conditions for Jochebed?  They were living in bondage, feared the rise of the Hebrews, so they were exploited and burdened with much work.  With all of this, the burdens and afflictions increased the Hebrew population to grow. Then the King wanted midwives to kill all male children at birth. Instead midwives helped to save the male children. Not getting what he wanted the King issued a command to all his people. “Every son born shall be cast into the river”. This was not an easy time to live in. They were afflicted physically and emotionally, this ran deep. What actions did Jochebed take when she realized her baby was a son? This baby was supposed to be killed, but she was not willing to give up her son to death. She hid him for three months, but when she could no longer hide her son, she made an ark, or cradle, from bulrush for him and covered it in pitch. She laid the baby in the ark, put him in the water at the riverbank in hopes that Pharaoh’s daughter would see him and take him as her own.

What can we tell about a mother’s love from Jochebed’s actions? She hid him for three months to protect her child. When a mother loves her child she gives up things, does things good for the child, Jochebed was not for herself, she was for her son!  Jochebed had her daughter stand off in a distance to keep watch over her little brother while waiting for the Pharaoh’s daughter to come to the river. Jochebed’s daughter was carefully watching from a distance, as her mother had told her to do.  When the baby was found, Jochebed’s daughter ran over and asked if she needed to get a Hebrew woman to nurse the child and tend to the child for her. Pharaoh’s daughter was immediately smitten by the child and agreed that the child needed a Hebrew woman to take care of him. Instantly Jochebed felt relief knowing her baby would be okay.

To the world this child was no longer hers. While growing up, he could be taken into the royal family and taught into adulthood.  She loved the baby enough to remain silent as his mother and acted as a caretaker. This love that a mother has for her children is strong, it runs so deep in our hearts, it helps us in the hardest and sometimes dark points in our lives.

Our mother’s love helps us to know our Heavenly Father’s love for us.  The Father does not give up on His child.  Matthew 18:10-14. There is no place we can go that He is not already there waiting for us. Read Roman’s 8:38-39, John 14:6 and Deuteronomy 31:8.

Sunday night at 6 p.m. Patrick Alligood continues the Discipleship Training Class.

Sunday May 27, a group from Brownwood will go to Madison Health and ReHab for Sunday School at 9:45 a.m.

On Sunday, May 27, Brownwood will have Graduate Recognition during the morning worship service.

Julie Phillips and Margie Ward attended a Wood Family cook-out on Saturday in Watkinsville. Around 60 were in attendance and we hope we see more there next time!

Margie Ward visited with the family and friends Saturday afternoon of Wayne Hix at A. E. Carter Funeral Home.

On Sunday afternoon many visited with the family and friends of David Dickson at A. E. Carter Funeral Home. Our deepest sympathy goes out to his family now and in the days to come.

Mother’s Day was good around my house on Sunday.  We enjoyed a pizza and salad lunch, with delicious homemade brownies that Rachel made!  Hopefully I’ll be able to cook again one day!  I’m still recovering from the hand surgery and it’s still sore and weak.  Hope to get back in my routine soon.  Thanks so much to those that have prayed and reached out in any way.

Have a blessed week!


* Love every moment, Laugh every day, Live beyond words.

* Faith…it does not make things easier, it makes them possible.

* Never again…is NOW!

* Say what you mean…but don’t say it mean.

* It is better to know Jesus, before you meet Him.

* Some people hate you because of how other people love you.

* Be a fountain, not a drain.

* The Bible is still relevant for today. In fact, it’s more up to date than today’s news.

* God doesn’t give us what we can handle; God helps us handle what we are given.

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