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Praise God, On Sunday, April 29, this was a fifth Sunday and Pastor Williams candidly asked everyone to dress down like it was old times, and  asked that when we entered the church to come in full swing of singing and praising God.  It gave the resemblance of back-in-the-day.  It was such a high-spirited feeling, something different, yet unique.  Pastor Williams asked everyone in the Sanctuary to give a personal testimony, stating that no one left in this world is alive today without having been through something to be able to testify about.  The first song sang for the day was Try Jesus, He’s Alright.  Immediately after the song, I gave the very first testimony, it was regarding the church committee looking for someone to do a job for the church.  I prayed about the situation and asked God to show me the right person to choose for the bid.  The job would have cost several hundred dollars, but the person God led me to do the job did it free of charge.  Now we weren’t looking for something for free, we knew the job would cost, but the Individual didn’t charge us one dime.  I just tell you that when you get to know God, he will do wonderful things for you and will come through all the time, on time, and every time.  All you have to do is have Faith, and trust in him, because he knows what he is doing.  Oh, I just feel like shouting right now.  (Help Me Holy Ghost)! What a wonderful relationship to have with such a person.  This is the best friend that you could ever ask for.   There were several other powerful and personal testimonies given that would simply blow you away.  They were so virtuous.   Pastor Williams took his text from the book of Mark 2: 11, titled “Take up your bed and walk” just like Jesus told the paralytic man to do.  It’s time for us to stop laying around if you can get up and go tell somebody the good news about Jesus.  I promise you, Try Jesus, He’s all lright.

A MOTHER BEING OBEDIENT TO THE MAN OF GOD Praise God, Sunday May 13, was a special day for mothers all over the world.  It was Mothers’ Day, and we had such a great time at church, and it couldn’t have been a more stunning day outside.  For all of the mothers that were present at Greater Moses, Pastor Williams got to church early and honored all of us with a self-prepared breakfast and homemade red-velvet cake along with his own mother.  What a thoughtful, carefully considered, superior, Pastor we have.  On behalf of myself and all of the congregation, we want to say “Thank You Pastor Williams for always going above and beyond your call of duty for us”.  Afterwards, Pastor Williams’ sermon was from the book of Second Kings 4: 1-7 titled, A Mother Struck Oil at Home.  This particular mother’s husband had died, and the creditors were coming to take away her two sons as slaves to cure the debt.  The mother spoke to the prophet Elisha about her situation and the prophet asked, what could he do for her?  He asked her what did she have in her house and she stated that she only had a jar of oil.  He instructed her to go and borrow some empty vessels from all of her neighbors and everywhere she could find.  The prophet told her not to just get a few, but to get as many as she could and when she came into the house to close the door behind her.  He instructed her and the sons to pour it into the vessels and set aside the full ones.  The mother was obedient to the Prophet, and she was blessed with more than enough oil so she went and told the Prophet and he said now go and sell the oil and pay your debt and you and your sons live on the rest.  So sometimes we just need to be obedient and listen to the Man of God.

A special Thank you to all the visitors we had, and I will leave you with this Be Obedient, and Try Jesus, He’s Alright.

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