Chamber issues ‘scam alert’ on company

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A dubious effort to solicit money from local businesses is circulating around the community in the name of the Morgan County Library. According to the Morgan County Library Facebook Page, a business is attempting to deceive other local businesses into donating $500 under the guise of collaborating with the Morgan County Library.

“Please be advised that Morgan County Library does not use third party vendors to represent us in the sale of any merchandise. This week we were notified by local businesses that there is a vendor using the Morgan County Library as a distributor for community totes/magnets and to please contribute $500.00 toward advertisement,” said the Facebook post from the Morgan County Library’s page. “This company’s sales pitch is deceitful so please do not send money. This company has been asked to stop using our name. For legal purposes I will not disclose the company’s name on social media.”

The Madison-Morgan Chamber of Commerce also released a “scam alert” notification warning local businesses of the shady ploy.

“Scam Alert! A company called Ideal Marketing Group (they may change names depending on who they call) is calling around the community stating that Morgan County Library is partnering with them to distribute community totes and or magnets. The Library is not partnering with them! They are asking local companies to pay them $500 to sponsor these totes. Please help spread the word to local businesses.”

According to Nancy Condon Bryan, member library services for the Uncle Remus Regional Library System, a company asked the library to become a free distribution center for “community tote bags and magnets” at no cost to them and the library turned the company down. However, the library began receiving calls from local businesses inquiring about the fundraising effort, reporting the same company had called them asking for donations while implying they were working with the Morgan County Library.

“It’s not really a scam, these companies are legal and it is their business to distribute advertising. Some libraries and schools do choose to work with them, but we did not,” said Bryan. “It is not the most straightforward way to do business. We just want the community to know that any fundraising efforts at the library will be done directly by us and not through a third party,” said Bryan.

“I would just caution people to check before donating to anybody. Always better to verify before giving out your money,” said Bryan.

If you have any questions, you can reach Nancy Condon Bryan at: (706) 342-4974.

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