County pledges crackdown on use of RV’s for residence

Patrick Yost News

The Morgan County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, May 12, directed Morgan County Planning and Development Director Chuck Jarrell to begin enforcing the county’s regulations against people using recreational vehicles (RV) as full time residences.

The direction came after Jarrell told the board that there were more than 20 persons or families living in the vehicles on property not associated with an RV park.

“We’ve had a significant increase in finding people living in RV campers in the county. We’ve also had an increase in people wanting power to campers.”

Jarrell said the county had begun to receive numerous complaints regarding the vehicles.

Jarrell told the board that per county regulations persons are allowed to inhabit RV vehicles 15 days out of 60. This, he said, was to make accommodation for hunters and weekend residents. He also said the county made exceptions for persons displaced from a house because of storm or fire damage or to a person who was living in the RV while a house was under construction. “In the past we’ve allowed people to stay in an RV while they’re building their home of if there is storm damage,” he said.

“What we are seeing is travel trailers, several have power, some have septic tanks. If somebody calls and says they want power for a well we generally do that but then we drive by later and find a camper hooked up to power.”

Jarrell warned the board, however, that the decision to enforce the RV laws would create animosity. “If we start carrying people to court, your phones are going to start ringing. I just want to make sure you are firmly on board.”

“We have laws on the books,” he said. “I want to make sure y’all are on board before I turn my code enforcement officer loose and solve the problem.”

“We need to enforce it,” said Commissioner Andy Ainslie.

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