Cub Scouts hold Crossover Ceremony

Tia Lynn Ivey Community

A crossover ceremony for Morgan County Cub Scout Pack 91 was held last Friday in the Morgan County Boy Scouts Troop 91 hut to celebrate each cub scout’s advancement to a new level within the club. Cub Scouts is “a year-round program that offers fun activities that promote character and leadership development.” The cub scouts work with children from first grade to fifth grade, while the Boy Scouts work with children from sixth grade to 12th grade. Each cub scout grade works on earning a new patch every year, including a tiger patch, a wolf patch, and an arrow of light patch. Jeff Bubenheim, a new Cub Master for Pack 91, hopes more children will enroll into the program and encourages parents to sign them up. Pack 91 is sponsored by the First United Methodist Church in Madison. For information on how to sign up, contact Bubenheim at (706) 342-2411.

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