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Dear Class of 2018,

Congratulations to you on completing the journey through your high school years!  It has been a time of learning, growing, forming relationships and beginning to pave the path into your future.

This year, as we have broken ground and watched the progress of the new school in our current backyard, we claimed “what’s your plan?” as our theme.  We have all been able to witness the amount of planning and forethought that is necessary with such a large project.  Your progress through school has also been accomplished due to the planning of many throughout the years – your parents, your teachers, school support staff, and you. Whether it was as simple as what to wear, what classes to take, what tests to study for first, or what courses were needed to help meet your post-graduation needs, there was always informal and formal planning going on every day.

As you set out to leave us for wide, wide world, I encourage you to continue to ask yourself, “what’s my plan?” along the way. This doesn’t mean that you always have to know what the exact next step will be; it simply means that you are giving thought to your direction. You are being purposeful to make sure that life doesn’t just happen to you; instead, you are looking forward and taking control of where you are headed.

“What’s my plan?” doesn’t always work out perfectly.  Sometimes, you will be thrown a curve and need to regroup and react to whatever life sends your way. The learning, growing, and forming relationships that have happened over the past 18 years have prepared you for this. Then, after the reaction, plan for the next direction. Other times, you may need to deviate from your plan to grow, learn, or just grab an opportunity to experience something new.  All of that learning can allow you to make even better plans for your future path.

Know that as you leave us, we are honored to have been a part of your plan and your journey.  We are excited for you! We have faith that you will take what you have learned along the way to plan the best possible path for you.  We can’t wait to see where you end up!

What’s your plan?

Dr. Edwards

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