A clear choice ahead

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In the recent past, it has been axiomatic that in a presidential election the candidates swing to the middle, making it difficult to decide what the candidate’s true beliefs are. For example, presidential candidates Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump all promised to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. After the election, the newly elected presidents (except for Donald Trump) forgot that campaign promise. Both democrat and republican candidates typically promise immigration reform, which also never happens after the election.

But this year promises to be different. Democrat candidates are swinging to the far left and Republican candidates are embracing Donald Trump. This divergence is seen in the Georgia primary election results. The far left Democrat candidate for governor, Stacy Abrams won by a landslide over the more moderate Stacy Evans, while the Republican candidates all enthusiastically support Donald Trump.

The political reporter for the Huffington Post, Daniel Marans, writes this about the Georgia primary election.  “A key premise of Abrams’ bid is that in Georgia the Democratic Party no longer needs to cater to moderate white “swing” voters in the state’s suburban and rural areas who have increasingly migrated to the GOP since the 1990s”.  One of Abrams’ most vocal and generous supporters is Steve Phillips, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, who argues that Democrats need no longer bother trying to win the votes of increasingly conservative white voters, when diverse candidates who embrace a civil rights agenda can successfully leverage the power of “the new American majority” ― progressive whites, Latinos, Asian Americans and black voters.”

So Georgia voters have a clear choice this November. They can vote for the Republican candidates who have promised to fully support President Trump and his agenda of immigration reform, building a wall, defeating ISIS and strengthening our military. Or they can vote Democrat in hopes of putting Nancy Pelosi back as Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi told a town hall meeting that the Democrat’s first priority is repealing and “replacing” the GOP tax cut package that passed last December. Another spokesman for the progressives is Bernie Sanders who supports offering every American a government job at a living wage and free college for all.

We should all be thankful that the masking of the candidates’ true agenda is over this year and we will know exactly what we are voting for this November.

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