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Morgan County primary students chose to end the school year with a special trip to the Morgan County Public Safety Complex to show their gratitude in person to police officers, firefighters, and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) personnel for the lifesaving work they do on a daily basis.

After Morgan Primary School teachers Ginny Giacchino and Laura Sidwell taught their students about the vital, and sometimes heroic, work these public servants perform, the teachers decided to plan a field trip for the students so they could meet local public safety workers face to face.

In preparation for the field trip last Friday, primary school students worked and made presents to show their support and appreciation for Morgan County’s finest.

“Our kids enjoyed meeting our local heroes and leaning more about the work they do and the sacrifices they make to help keep us all safe,” said Giacchino and Sidwell.  “They enjoyed making posters, cards and writing letters to show their appreciation to our community helpers. Their excitement grew as they got to go and visit at the Public Safety Complex.  It was just so great to see all the kids learning and excited about showing their appreciation for those who serve the community.”

The Morgan County Primary students spent the morning touring the Public Safety Complex, looking at firetrucks, and asking public safety workers about their jobs. Some of the children wrote that they wanted to become policemen, firefighters, or EMS workers when they grow up.

“It was a great experience for everybody,” said Giacchino. 

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