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Memorial Day and Graduation celebrations


Attendance was good on Sunday morning for the worship service. Some members were out due to sickness, we pray they are feeling better soon and able to be back with us.  Visitors were with us and we are so thankful for them coming. We had recognition for our graduate, Amber Hawn, during morning worship.  We wish the very best for her as God leads.

Pastor Cottrell’s message, “Living a Sacrificed Life,” Romans 12:1-2.  Paul is making a plea here to the believers in Rome and ultimately to all. “That you present your bodies a living sacrifice.”

There are five types of offerings in the Old Testament.  Each of these offerings required a sacrifice of some sort. You have the burnt offering, the grain offering, the peace offering, the sin offering and the trespass offering. These offerings and sacrifices can be broken down into two categories: the voluntary and the mandatory. The mandatory offerings were sin offering and trespass offering.  The purpose of the sin offering was to atone for sins and cleanse from defilement.  The trespass offering was given as atonement for unintentional sins.  Those that required reimbursement to an offended party, and also as a cleansing from defiling sins or physical maladies.  We no longer go by these offerings, because the great and perfect offering was made on our behalf, by Jesus Christ.  His death, burial and resurrection ended the need for the blood and goat sacrifices.

Hebrew 10:11-14, His offering as perfected forever those who are being sanctified.  We should be grateful for the sacrifice of Christ!  His perfect sacrifice cleansed us of our sins, and can do the same for anyone else, that has not walked under that flow of grace and mercy.  The mandatory offerings were so the people could have their sins covered.  Voluntary offerings came as a result of the person desiring to be closer to God.  The burnt offering was in part used as an act of worship and to show the persons devotion and commitment to God.  The grain offering was used to express thanksgiving in recognition of God’s provision and unmerited goodwill towards them.  The peace offering was a sacrifice of thanksgiving and fellowship, followed by a meal that was shared with the priest. The voluntary offerings required more than the blood, the person wanted to worship God and show their commitment.  They wanted to thank God for His blessings toward them.  In Romans 12:1-2, Paul was thinking back on his life, and the life and death of Christ, consider what He has done for you.  Offer yourself each day to the service and cause of Christ, holy, and acceptable to God, be set apart, different from the world. Paul goes on to say acceptable to God.  Malachi 1:6-14.
The acceptable living sacrifice is this…all of you.  Give Him all of you, your best, your everything.  Sacrifice does not come in partial measures. Sacrifice is full and complete, or it is not sacrifice at all.

On Sunday we had our Fourth Sunday night community meal.  There was a cookout, with hamburgers and hotdogs and all the fixings!  These meals are every Fourth Sunday night at 6 p.m. and everyone is welcome to join us.

We Remember Them…

* The Day of Memories! – Remembering What?

 The cannon’s roar, the hissing of the shot?

The weary hospital, the prison pen?

The widow’s tears, the grown of stalwart men?

The bitterness of fratricidal strife?

The pangs of death, the sharper pangs of life?

Nay, let us quite forget the whole of these,

Upon our sacred Day of Memories.

* The Day of Memories! – Remembering What?

The honored dust in every hallowed spot;

The honored names of all our heroes dead;

The glorious land for which they fought and bled;

Our nations hope; the kindly, common good;

The universal bond of brotherhood;

These we remember gladly, all of these,

Upon our sacred Day of Memories.


In this season of graduation, I want to acknowledge the students who are “average” students.  We see you and you are to be celebrated, too.

Here’s to the students who aren’t honor graduates.

Here’s to the students who aren’t athletes.

Here’s to the students who struggled to finish the race to graduate.

Here’s to the students who aren’t going to college.

Here’s to the students who are going to trade schools.

Here’s to the students who barely had the money to get their cap and gown.

Here’s to the students who feel like they have no friends.

Here’s to the students who aren’t going on a graduation trip.

Here’s to the students who don’t know what to do next.

YOU are still important in this world. YOU still make a difference and we celebrate YOU in this season, too!


– Denise Robinson Richardson

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