Madison Police Department

Madison Police Department

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On May 26 Timothy Brandon Shore, 20 Mansfield was arrested and charged with DUI, disorderly conduct, failure to maintain lane and failure to report accident. According to reports, an officer responded to citizen complaints of an unsafe driver in a red Tahoe driving towards Madison on the Rutledge Highway. An officer observed the Tahoe as it allegedly crossed the center line and veered toward the officer. The officer called for backup and the vehicle, driven by Shore was seen behind First United Methodist Church and then in the parking lot of Amici’s, West Washington St. The officer located Shore in the parking lot. Other officers arrived and, reports state, Shore was questioned regarding if he had consumed alcohol. The officer gave Shore a preliminary breath test that was allegedly positive for alcohol in his system and Shore allegedly said “well, what are you going to do about it then?” He then asked for an officer to speak with his girlfriend, who was inside the restaurant, and then allegedly called the officer “a smug son of a (expletive)” and suggested that the officer perform a sexual act. An officer also inquired about damage to the Tahoe including dirt and grass on the hood and damages to the front grill and headlights and Shore said he had struck a deer earlier. Shore was arrested and transported to Morgan Memorial Hospital where he initially agreed to a blood test but when he was presented with a consent form he allegedly spat on the form. An officer asked Shore if that was his refusal to the test and Shore allegedly said yes. After Shore was processed, a Morgan County Sheriff’s Office deputy contacted the officer and told him he had located the scene of a crash at the intersection of Georgia 12 and Georgia 83.

On May 28  a criminal attempt at theft complaint was filed at Budget Inn, Eatonton Road. According to reports, an officer arrived and spoke with a heavily intoxicated man who said two black males came to his door, knocked on the door. The man said after he opened the door, they kicked it the rest of the way open. The complainant said the men then demanded his money and one of the men struck him several times about the head and upper body. The intoxicated man said he was able to find his true bearing and faced the men and struck one of them once. Both men then fled.

On May 27 an entering auto complaint was filed at a Hanover Drive residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that someone entered her 2008 Kia Optima and allegedly removed $40 worth of change she had in a center console and $130 cash she had in a wallet. A silver Apple IPad was also missing (value $300).

On May 25 a theft of lost or mislaid property was filed at Ingles, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a woman said she had filled a prescription for Ocycodone and Oxycontin for her mother and after she checked out at the self checkout area she left the medication. She returned but the medication was gone. Officers are checking store surveillance tape to determine who took the medication.

On May 20 Quallis Rodriquez Jones, 34, Madison was arrested and charged with light violation, possession of marijuana, fleeing or attempting to elude and driving while license suspended or revoked. Darrien Jamarcus Bell, 25, Rutledge was arrested at the same time and charged with possession of marijuana, less than an ounce and possession of open alcohol container. According to reports, Jones was allegedly driving a SUV pulling a trailer with no working tail lights or license plate at 4 a.m. on East Washington Street. An officer reported he attempted to perform a traffic stop on the vehicle but Jones did not stop the vehicle  until it reached Bethany Road. The officer pulled along side the vehicle and Jones stopped. Both Jones and Bell were held at gunpoint, reports state, until more officers arrived. After more officers arrived both were removed from the vehicle and detained without incident. Officers allegedly found suspected marijuana on Jones person as well as in a bag in the driver’s door pocket area, a jar containing two bags of suspected marijuana beneath the driver’s seat and three open containers of alcohol. A handgun was also recovered from beneath the front passenger seat.

On May 22 a criminal damage to property complaint was filed at a Second Street residence. According to reports, a man said that while he was at work someone had intentionally scratched the driver side front door and rear door of his 2017 Ford F 150 pickup truck.

On May 7 a theft of lost or mislaid property complaint was filed at Wal Mart, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a man said that while he was near the Subway restaurant he had placed his cell phone on top of a Taco Bell box and that a white male and two black females were close to where he had placed his phone. The man said the phone was now missing. An officer reviewed surveillance tape and reported that the white male and two females never walked close to the complainant. He also reported that he never observed the complainant place a cell phone on a Taco Bell box nor did the complainant ever show that he possessed a cell phone while in Wal Mart.

On May 25 Quantterio Cormel Hyman, 36, Madison was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. According to reports, an officer requested backup for a traffic stop that ended in the parking lot of the Budget Inn, Eatonton Road. During the stop, reports state, Hyman continued to walk toward the area of the traffic stop and allegedly refused commands to stay away from the activity. He told an officer it was his fiancé that had been stopped. He then refused to give an officer his name and attempted to walk away, reports state. He was then arrested.

On May 20 a warrant for aggravated assault, cruelty toward children and simple assault was filed against Willie Frank Pitts, 51, Madison. According to reports, Pitts was allegedly at a Levi Court residence when he cursed at a woman and lifted a glass table and attempted to strike the woman with the table until a second woman stepped in and stopped Pitts. The complainant told officers that she has had several incidents with Pitts in the past and that she feared for her life. She also said that her 9-year-old and 10-year-old children were near when Pitts allegedly attacked her. She also said that the attacks had occurred with a frequency that prompted her to buy and install security cameras in her house. She then showed an officer a video recording of the alleged attack. Pitts was contacted via phone at the time by the officer and given a verbal criminal trespass warning for the residence. Three days later, reports state, officers received another call from the complainant stating that Pitts had returned to the residence. Officers responded to call and, eventually, found Pitts at his Harris Avenue residence where he was taken into custody. Reports state that the complainant said, and showed officer on surveillance tape, that Pitts entered the residence unannounced and spoke with the complainant through a closed bedroom door. One of the children alerted the complainant by yelling “Willie is inside,” during the incident.

On May 18 Latrel Shameeka Williams, 29, Huger, S.C. was arrested and charged with speeding and possession of marijuana, less than an ounce. According to reports, Williams was stopped for allegedly driving 91 mph in a 70 mph zone on Interstate 20. Consequent to the stop, an officer reported smelling both burnt and raw marijuana coming from the vehicle. Reports state that initially Williams denied knowledge of possession of marijuana but later told the officer that she had some inside her purse. The officer located a small amount of suspected marijuana under diapers inside the purse. A small child was in the car and the officer issued Williams citations and released her from the scene.

On May 17 Deasha Samone Roach, 25, Milledgeville was arrested and charged with reckless conduct. According to reports, an employee at Quality Inn reported that she heard a baby crying from a motel room. The employee and manager opened the door to the room and found a 5-year-old, a 1-year-old and a 9-month-old child, all unattended, in the room. The children were taken into custody and officers began to search for Roach, who, the manager said, had rented the room. While officers searched for Roach, reports state, Quality Inn employees took the children to the lobby and fed them cereal and gave the youngest child milk. Roach arrived at the motel room and told the officers that she had left the children at 6:45 a.m. with a friend who was supposed to watch them while she went to work. She later told the officers that there was no friend and she had gone to work and was going to check on the children during her lunch break. A case worker from the Department of Family and Children Services arrived and the officers then received permission from Morgan County Superior Court to take custody of the children. The case worker took custody of the children to be placed in temporary housing. Roach was then arrested on three counts of reckless conduct.

On May 21 a threats complaint was filed at Auto One, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a man said he had received several calls from an irate man who was demanding a bill of  sale on a 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass. The complainant said the vehicle was sold to the man as a private sale from the maintenance shop and that there was no record of the vehicle being sold through the business. The complainant said the man, at one point, said “everyone in the building is going to die today.” While the officer was at the store, the man called and the officer reported hearing the man yelling but he could not make out what the man was saying. The officer said he got on the line and identified himself and the man hung up. The man immediately called back and the officer answered the phone and the man began to argue with the officer, reports state. The officer told the man that the matter was a civil matter and he needed to contact civil courts if he had an issue and ended the call.

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