Deputy finds suspected heroin in woman’s car

Patrick Yost News

A Monroe woman stopped for speeding ended up with heroin charges after a deputy allegedly found spoons with suspected heroin residue, a full syringe with heroin, an elastic band, empty syringes and a marijuana pipe in the vehicle.

According to Morgan County Sheriff’s Office reports, Shelly Lynn Carter, 38, Monroe was arrested and charged with possession of  heroin, possession of drug related objects and speeding after a deputy patrolling Davis Academy Road and Atlanta Highway allegedly observed Carter driving a 2007 Honda 72 mph in a 55 mph zone.

Consequent to the 9 a.m. stop for speeding, the deputy stated that Carter had her left arm hanging out of the window with her license in her hand.

The deputy noted that he observed “fresh” and healing “track marks” on Carter’s left arm and her right arm that was holding the steering wheel.

He said Carter “was overly anxious and nervous.” After the deputy completed a citation for speeding, reports state, he asked Carter to exit the vehicle and asked if there was any “contraband” in the vehicle and Carter told him she had a marijuana pipe in the console.

Reports state Carter started to hyperventilate and cried and attempted to push past the deputy toward the car’s door.

The deputy detained her and held her against the trunk, reports state.

A search of the vehicle located a three used syringe, two spoons with suspected heroin residue and the other items.

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