Linda Gantt celebrates 41 years at Georgia Power

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Family, friends, and colleagues packed inside Mint Juleps Kitchen last Thursday to celebrate Linda Gantt, the Madison-Area Manager for Georgia Power, who is retiring this year.

The venue was crowded with smiling faces as Linda made her way around to chitchat with the many loved ones who came out to celebrate her 41-year-career at Georgia Power.

“I’m anxious. I’ve worked my whole life and I think it’s going to be strange not to have to get up everyday and go to work,” said Gantt. “But I am excited. There’s a lot we want to do.”

Gantt is planning to spend more time with her family, including her husband, two sons and two grandsons. Gantt is also hoping to travel across the United States with her husband and take trips with her gal pals.

“It’s going to be a good time in our lives,” said Gantt.

“I am happy for her,” said Stan Gantt, Linda’s husband. “She’s worked hard all these years.”

Fellow Georgia Power employees lamented Gantt’s departure.

“She is going to be very missed,” said Ryan Hansen.

“She has just been the greatest ever, we hate to see her go, but we are happy for her,” said Phyllis Clark.

Gantt’s reputation and generosity as a community leader drew a variety of people to Thursday’s retirement party. Even Madison Mayor Fred Perriman showed up to support Gantt, as well as leaders from the Madison-Morgan Chamber of Commerce and Morgan Memorial Hospital.

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