Madison man charged with ‘enticing teen’ via text

Patrick Yost News

A Madison man has been arrested and charged with enticing a minor after he alleged sent a 12-year-old girl texts of a graphic sexual nature.

Sgt. Brandon Sellers, investigations division, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, said Charles Stone, 39, Madison was arrested at a mechanic shop on Turner Road where he worked Saturday afternoon, June 2.

Sellers said authorities were notified by the juvenile’s parents on Saturday morning of the alleged texts. He said the parents had noticed the child spending an inordinate amount of time texting on her phone.

“It’s the parents that paid attention and noticed that the  12-year-old was doing something out of the ordinary,” he said.

He said the parents confiscated the phone and called police.

“Within four hours of them calling he was in jail,” Sellers said.

Sellers said both Stone’s phone and the juvenile’s phone have been confiscated; Stone’s phone with a search warrant and the juvenile’s phone with the parents consent. Both phones have been sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) crime lab for a forensic search to determine contents.

Sellers said Stone had deleted texts from his phone to the girl’s number but the juvenile’s phone still retained some of the texts and images sent.

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