Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

Morgan County Sheriff’s Department

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On June 4 Rosemary Jordan Aylor, 58, Madison was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug related items. According to reports, a deputy reported arriving at a Bethany Road residence to execute and arrest warrant on a different person. At the house, he said, he knocked on the door and a female voice told him to enter. Once inside the house, he said, he allegedly observed Aylor lying on a couch next to a coffee table. On the table was an allegedly methamphetamine pipe. Reports state that Aylor told the deputy that the pipe belonged to her. A second deputy entered the residence and found a clear plastic bag with suspected methamphetamine inside. Aylor was then arrested and transported to the Morgan County Detention Center.

On June 2 a harassment complaint was filed at a Pintail Lane residence. According to reports, a man said  that at 10:47 p.m. a neighbor stopped in the road in front of his house and taunted him with promises of a fight. A deputy observed a video of a man standing in front of a Jeep and waving his arms to entice the complainant into a fight. A deputy spoke with the man from the street and the man said he had become “upset” with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office and the county court system. The man said he has filed several noise complaints against the complainant and the noise has escalated and, he alleged, the complainant turns his music up to a loud pitch for the last 10 minutes before the 11 p.m. limit. The man also said that after he had called authorities to report the noise, the complainants relatives and friends had driven through the neighborhood loudly playing the theme from “COPS” on their car stereo’s. The man admitted to standing in the road and attempting to get the complainant to come outside. He said wanted the man to come out so they could “settle their differences so they could get it over with  and be friends again.”

On June 2 a fraud complaint was filed at a Riden Road residence. According to reports, a woman said she noticed three attempted charges on her checking account. The woman said all three charges (totaling $800) had been denied by her bank. The woman said she learned that a man who had been a guest at her house had taken her banking information and attempted to use it online.

On June 1 a warrant for fleeing and attempting to elude was issued for Joshua Henry Whitlock, 31, Madison. According to reports, a deputy reported observing Whitlock driving a vehicle on Bostwick Highway with no registration. The deputy said after he concluded the traffic stop he was on he attempted to stop Whitlock but Whitlock accelerated away before the deputy could perform the traffic stop. On May 31 Whitlock was arrested and charged with fleeing or attempting to elude and obstruction. Reports state that a deputy attempted to conduct a traffic stop on Whitlock on Dixie Highway and Whitlock allegedly fled. Reports state that the deputy was attempting to make the traffic stop because the white Cadillac Whitlock was driving matched the description of a white Cadillac with no license plate that had fled another deputy on May 29 on Bostwick Highway. While the officer was attempting to stop Whitlock, reports state, a chase reached speeds of 75 mph. The deputy reported he had a vehicle malfunction and Whitlock escaped. Seven minutes later another officer observed Whitlock attempting to exit the Fields of Madison in the Cadillac and he was stopped, detained and arrested.

On June 1 a damage to vehicle complaint was filed at a Bostwick Road near Sandy Creek Road intersection. According to reports, a woman said she was traveling on Bostwick Road when she struck a mattress. The woman said the mattress had blown off a 2016 GMC Sierra. The driver of the Sierra said a transfer truck had driven past him and the air displacement had forced the mattress from the truck. He was advised to secure his load and given a warning.

On June 1 theft by taking and battery complaint was filed at the intersection of Athens Highway and Sandy Creek Road. According to reports,  a man said the Toyota Camry he was driving was tapped in the rear end by a Ford Ranger. The man said he pulled over and asked the driver of the Ford Ranger to call 911 since he did not have a cell phone. Instead, he said, two men from the Ranger grabbed the complainant and took his wallet while hitting him in the left temple and kicking him in the leg. The man said she fell and the two men got into his Toyota and drove away. The man said the Ranger was an older model red vehicle with a Walton County  tag. The Toyota was located abandoned on Sidwell Road. Inside the Toyota deputies found the man’s wallet and various cards.

On May 31 Gregory Franklin Daniel, 53, Madison was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine. According to reports, a deputy allegedly observed Daniel walking on Bostwick Road near Sandy Creek. The deputy, reports state, said he knew there was an arrest warrant for Daniel so he stopped. Daniel told the deputy he was not going to jail and began to run away. The deputy reported that he gave chase on foot and threatened Daniel several times that  he would use a taser weapon on him if he didn’t stop. Daniel stopped and, reports state, the deputy found suspected methamphetamine in a clear plastic bag in a camouflage hat in Daniel’s hand. Daniel also told the deputy he had more methamphetamine at his Bostwick Road residence and a deputy allegedly found a line of suspected methamphetamine on a CD case at the residence along with a clear pipe suspected of being used to smoke methamphetamine.

On May 30 a fraud complaint was filed at a James Street, Rutledge residence. According to reports, a man said he was contacted by a “John Paul” on Facebook and told that his name was on a list of people eligible to receive between $20,000 and $50,000. The man said he was told he would have to send $500 via Western Union to receive the money. The man said he sent $300 and was told to send another $200 so he did. The man said he was contacted by Western Union and told that he had been the victim of a scam and to come back and get the $200. Western Union allegedly told the man that the $300 had already been picked up by someone in Townson, TN.

On May 31 a trespass complaint was filed at a Seven Islands Road residence. According to reports, a man said his daughter’s ex-boyfriend came to his house and was going through his daughter’s vehicle. The man said he told the ex to cease and desist and the ex cursed at him and poured tire cleaner into the daughter’s car.

On May 30 Hannah Noel Fleenor, 19, Savannah was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine. According to reports, Fleenor was the driver of a 2003 Infinity that was stopped near the intersection of Parks Mill Road and Buckhead Road for allegedly failing to come to a stop at a stop sign. Consequent to the stop, a deputy reported finding a syringe filled with liquid and a small bag of suspected methamphetamine in Fleenor’s wallet. Also inside the vehicle was a locked gun case. The keys for the case were produced and inside was an AR-15 with a 9” barrel, a VISM sight, three magazines and several rounds of ammunition. In the trunk of the vehicle in a separate bag was a 75 round magazine, a gun cleaning kit, a bag of bullets, seven ammunition magazines, an Axeon sight, a AKA stock, a rifle bipod and a dog leash. A male passenger in the vehicle told officers the in the  bag in the trunk belonged to him.

On May 30 a domestic disturbance complaint was filed at a Fairplay Road, Rutledge residence. According to reports,a man reported that he came home and noticed that two kneeboards were missing. The man asked his son where the kneeboards were and the son told him he had traded the kneeboards for a boat ride and food. The man asked the deputy to remove the son from the property but the deputy told him an eviction of that nature would be a civil matter.

On May 26 a criminal damage to property complaint was filed at a Old Mill Road residence. According to reports, a man said as they were preparing to go to their daughter’s graduation they drove their 2013 BMW X5 but only made it to a Chevron gas station in Rutledge. The man said the vehicle was towed to a repair shop in Athens and was told there was a “foreign” substance in the gas tank. The man said a repair estimate is $8,000.

On May 15 Stephanie Guinn Tarlton, 36, Madison was arrested and charged with theft by taking. According to reports, Tarlton allegedly entered the River Store convenience store, Greensboro Highway and took a hamburger by placing it under her shirt and leaving the store. The alleged theft was captured on the store’s video surveillance, reports state. Tarlton was then arrested at her residence.

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