BREAKING NEWS! Missing Morgan County woman found

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Morgan County Missing Woman Molly Hilsman has just been found at a Dairy Queen in Conyers. This news was just confirmed by Sgt. Brandon Sellers, Investigations Division, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office. “She was fine and healthy. We have contacted the family,” he said. The Citizen will be updating this story as information is confirmed.


On Memorial Day, May 28, Molly Hilsman, a 38-year-old woman, left her parents’ house on Hightower Road in her black, 2010 Acura TSX to go with friends, she told her mother, to a jazz festival in Piedmont Park, Atlanta. Soon after she left she texted her mother and said ‘Happy Memorial Day, Mom,” with a heart and smiley face emoji.

And that is the last time anyone has heard or seen of Molly.

According to Sgt. Brandon Sellers, Investigations Division, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, there has been no activity on any of Molly’s credit or debit cards. Phone calls to her cell phone go unanswered although the department has notification from Verizon that the phone was seeking a cell phone tower somewhere in the Conyers/Covington area on Thursday, June 7.

On Friday, June 8 the Acura was found at a ride share parking lot near the Interstate 20 exit 90 in Covington. Sellers said an examination of the vehicle “found nothing that would indicated her whereabouts or that any foul play had occurred.” In fact, he said, the front driver’s side door was unlocked, which was defect in the vehicle. Sellers said it was known to the family that Molly would not lock the front driver’s side door because the key would not unlock the door. Sellers said authorities know that the vehicle had been in the lot at least since Tuesday, June 5.

Molly’s mother, Lenora Hilsman said the woman gave no indication of any trouble, was not currently in a relationship and was performing favors for friends and neighbors at the time of her disappearance. In fact, Lenora said, Molly had left some gardening tools at a family friend’s house who is undergoing treatment for cancer. Molly was scheduled to finish gardening for the ailing friend.

Lenora said the family calls Molly’s cell phone and the calls “go straight to voice mail.”

She has contacted the Covington Police Department who has searched nearby jails. She has searched local and Atlanta-area hospitals and has come up empty handed.

There has been more than 2,000 shares on Lenora Newsom Hilsman Facebook page pleading for information regarding her daughter’s whereabouts. But the mother “has no idea.”

“I went through her room, I’ve gone through her journaling, there’s no indication there was any kind of problem,” Lenora says.

“I’m just looking for clues.”

The family has produced a flyer that shows two photos of a smiling Molly Hilsman with requests for anyone with information to contact the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office at 706 342 1507 or Lenora personally at 951 514 6786.

Lenora also shared the story of Molly’s disappearance with an Atlanta television station which aired the story Monday, June 11.

“It’s just baffling,” Lenora says. “She just vanished.”

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