Officers save a life

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In a world tragically rife with fatal drug overdoses, one life was spared due to the actions of two Madison Police Officers,

“Due to the quick thinking and proper training of Officers Stacey Eaton and Andre Johnson, they were able to resuscitate an unresponsive person and avoid the tragic loss of life,” said Madison Police Chief Bill Ashburn to the Madison Mayor and City Council on Monday night before honoring the officers with an award. “It is with great honor that I present the Lifesaving Award to the officers Stacey Eaton and Andre Johnson.”

Ashburn noted with much of the news surrounding police officers being critical, it was wonderful to be able to deliver uplifting new showcasing the lifesaving work police officers do.

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity tonight. We know many times we know law enforcement officers receive things in the news, newspapers and on news media that are not always positive,” said Ashburn. “But tonight I would like to take the opportunity to recognize two of our officers who do need to be recognized for their work that they have done here in Madison.”

On June 3, Eaton and Johnson responded to a call from Morgan County dispatch reporting a person had overdosed on pills. According to Ashburn, when the officers arrived at the scene, a person who reportedly overdosed displayed purple lips and hands and was not breathing. The officers quickly moved the unresponsive person to the floor and were unable to find a pulse. Eaton began CPR, while Johnson retrieved a Narcan pouch from the police vehicle. Narcan is a medicine designed to reverse the fatal effects of an opioid overdose if administered in time. The Madison City Police Department distributed Narcan pouches to all officers last year and provided training to administer the medicine should any officers encounter a dire situation such as this.

“Both officers had received the proper training for the use of Narcan, and they were aware it was to be administered to a patient who was suspected of overdosing on an opioid substance,” explained Ashburn. “Within a short period of time, Officer Johnson detected a pulse and the subject began taking shallow breaths.”

The officers kept the person alive until Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrived and took over. The patient was transported to a hospital and is continuing to recover.

Eaton and Johnson accepted the award at Monday evening council meeting and received a standing ovation from the crowd, as well as Madison Mayor Fred Perriman and all the council members.

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