Madison Police Department

Madison Police Department

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On June 18 Latasha Deniece Jones, 30, Shady Dale, was arrested and charged with no tag light, driving without a license, no tag, affixing license plate with the intent to conceal, no insurance and giving false name to an officer. According to reports, Jones was stopped near Eatonton Road and Fairgrounds Road for no tag light and an expired tag. Consequent to the stop, she allegedly told the officer that she had a license but not on her person. She allegedly gave the officer the name of Derineka Hill and a date for her birthday. Following the traffic stop the officer learned of Jones’ actual name.

On June 17 a financial transaction card fraud complaint was filed at a Wellington Street residence. According to reports, a woman said at 8 a.m. she received an email notification that someone had made a $516.27 purchase at Home Depot using her name and credit information.

On June 18 a disorderly conduct complaint was filed at Little Caesar’s, Eatonton Road. According to reports, an officer responded to an employee dispute. He located one of the subjects walking from the restaurant. The woman said her father had surgery and she was checking her phone to get updates on his progress. She said another employee advised her to “get off her phone while she was at work…” and allegedly followed her to the back of the store to continue to berate her. The woman said at one point she told the woman berating her that “Where I come from you get cut for that.” An officer found the woman, who said she never got in the complainant’s “face” and said, in fact, that the complainant had said “Don’t make me pull out a blade and slice you.” The complainant was fired from her position and a criminal trespass notice was issued.

On June 16 a simple battery complaint was filed at  Citgo, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a husband and wife pulled into the Citgo parking lot. The couple, reports state, had been back together for approximately one month. After they arrived the father of the woman’s child also pulled into the gas station and demanded to know where the husband was located. The woman said she had stopped seeing the father of her child approximately two months ago. The father of the woman’s child identified her husband in the passenger seat and attempted to pull him from the car in order to strike him with his fists. The husband said he attempted to defend himself by striking the father with his fists, as well. No injuries were reported in the affray.

On June 16 a theft by shoplifting complaint was filed at Wal-Mart, Eatonton Road. According to reports, an employee stated that she observed two males and a female load electronics into a shopping cart and then attempt to leave. The employee said she stopped one man with a cart and no receipt and that man left the store. Surveillance video showed that a second man with electronics left the store and put the items in a SUV.

On June 16 a public indecency complaint was filed at a Green Meadow Drive residence. According to reports, a woman said at 4 a.m. she was wakened by a man who thrust his arm through her bedroom window and requested she come outside to talk. The woman said she declined. At 4:45 a.m. she was again wakened by the same man who was standing on some type of raised platform outside her window fondling himself. The woman said she told the man she was calling police and the man fled.

On June 14 an information report was filed at Wal-Mart, Eatonton Road. According to reports, officers were called to the store regarding a dog left in a car. When they arrived they found a brown puppy inside at 1983 Chevrolet C20. The officers found the driver of the vehicle and the dog was released without injury. Temperature at the time was approximately 86 degrees. The dog’s owner was warned of criminal liability for his actions. The owner said he had left windows down but said he would not leave the dog again.

On June 13 a battery complaint was filed at a MLK Drive residence. According to reports, a 63-year-old man alleged that his 32-year-old son attempted to grab him by the throat after the two men argued regarding the son cursing at the man’s grandson. The elder man said his son left the residence and traveled north by walking on the railroad tracks. He also said he had recent knee surgery and the confrontation and physical activity had aggravated his knee.

On June 13 a forgery complaint was filed at McDonald’s, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a manager reported that between 10:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. someone passed eight counterfeit $20 bills at the restaurant. At 2 p.m. an employee at Burger King, Eatonton Road, told police that a black male and black female entered the restaurant and attempted to pass three counterfeit $20 bills. The woman said she rejected the bills but retained them and when she observed the couple walking toward Zaxby’s she followed to warn the Zaxby’s staff. The Burger King employee said the male saw him and ran to his car, talking on the phone and stating “get the pistol.” She then turned and walked back to Burger King.

On June 12 a simple battery and simple assault complaint was filed at a Green Meadow Drive residence. According to reports, a woman said at 2:30 a.m. a male friend of her daughter’s allegedly knocked on her daughter’s bedroom window and requested that the daughter come outside. The 15-year-old daughter initially refused but eventually agreed and opened a carport door. The 16-year-old male allegedly punched the girl in the face twice and then produced a pistol and demanded that she not move. He then fled. An officer observed blood in the girl’s mouth. She refused medical treatment.

On June 12 Willis Ross, 60, Decatur was cited with disorderly conduct after he allegedly urinated on the base of a statue located outside the Madison Post Office, Main Street. According to reports, a witness allegedly told officers he had observed Ross urinating on the statue. Ross was confronted by an officer and denied the allegation and said he had just left a coffee shop where he had been drinking coffee, however, the officer noted he observed a wet spot at the base of the statue.

On June 11 a theft by shoplifting complaint was filed at Wal Mart, Eatonton Road. According to reports, an employee said that a man was attempting to use the self checkout and after his card was declined he took the $112.48 worth of items and left the store.

On June 7 Jeremy Lee Wall, 24, Irmo, S.C. was arrested and charged with criminal trespass. According to reports, a man alleged that while he was traveling on Interstate 20 Wall allegedly tailgated him while the man was behind several semi trucks. The man said Wall was making arm motions for him to move and as soon as the trucks moved over the complainant said he passed the trucks and moved over. The complainant said as Wall was passing him he allegedly tried to force him off the road. The complainant said he then called 911 and followed Wall and while following Wall, Wall allegedly slammed on brakes, attempting to force the complainant to hit his vehicle. Both vehicles exited at Exit 113 and stopped at the Exxon station where Wall allegedly hit the complainant’s vehicle with his vehicle, kicked off a side mirror and kicked the complainant’s car while the complainant waited on officers.

Wall told the officer that it had been the complainant that had been slamming on brakes to force Wall to strike his car. He also alleged that the complainant had tried to force him off the road. Wall’s wife, reports state, was injured when at one point during the altercation Wall allegedly slammed on brakes and his wife struck the dashboard, causing her mouth and nose to bleed.

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