Preservation Commission rejects garage proposal

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The Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) rejected a proposal designed by its own Vice-Chairman Joe Smith during a regularly scheduled meeting on June 12 at 5:30 p.m.

Smith represented applicant Gray McWhirter for a project at 612 Old Post Rd in Madison. The project proposed installation of walks, patio and fencing as well as the construction of a garage.

HPC expressed concern about the visibility of the garage. Smith amended the proposal to make the front of the garage even with the original rear wall of the house. Smith recused himself while HPC discussed the project. The commission debated whether to provide leeway in the guidelines and how to avoid the appearance of favoritism.

The amended proposal was rejected by the commission, with four votes in favor of the denial and one member abstaining. During the same meeting, the HPC unanimously approved the design review of a proposed deck at 390 Johnson St. by applicant Donald Whitley. The commission amended Whitley’s design in a previous meeting.

Applicant Katherine Webster presented a plan for the installation of a fence, relocation of an outbuilding and installation of walkways at 310 E. Washington St. HPC recommended a 5 ft picket fence. It also said that the outbuilding could be relocated to the south corner or left where it is. Webster asked to review the walkway plan with her landscape architect. The proposal was unanimously approved.

Applicant Preston Snyder proposed the construction of a front porch at 850 Allen St. HPC specified a continuous brick or concrete block foundation. HPC unanimous approved the plan.

The commission discussed the conceptual construction of 375 W. Jefferson St. by applicant Laura Jones and her husband. The plan sought to flip the garage to the rear of the house as well as remodeling the front. The commission noted that the design should have a projected porch, and the side of the house should have one gable rather than a nested gable. Gary Jones left to discuss the proposed changes with his wife.

Applicant Ryan Cathey discussed with HPC the construction of a house on Foster Street. The conception was generally acceptable with minute changes. Cathey left to formulate a proposal.

Applicant Chad McLeod proposed the extension of a driveway and the addition of a parking area at his residence at 349 E. Central Ave. McLeod also proposed a side and rear fence for his dog. The driveway would fit one car, and the parking area would fit two cars. The commission approved the application unanimously.

The next regular meeting will occur on July 10 at 5:30 p.m. The meeting will be held on 160 N. Main St. in the meeting hall of the Madison Public Safety Building.

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