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My but these weeks are running by so fast. Seems only yesterday it was June 1st. Now over half way through. Soon the kids will be returning to school. Sure, wish it was still as it was when I was a kid, after Labor Day. We felt like we had summer days.

The weather has been beautiful, some storms, but my flowers, etc. seem to be prettier than they’ve been in years. I have two gardenia bushes, both from my mama’s bush from years ago and they have just out bloomed themselves this summer. Thank you Lord for this best season of the year for me.

Butch and his family were back on Sunday after being away on a much-needed vacation. We always miss him being in our pulpit when he’s not here. He brought a beautiful message from several chapters in Acts, mainly concentrating on Acts 2, “A model of a Spirit Filled Church”. Don’t we all wish our own church could stand out as a model church.   We can’t do that because we are all human that makes up that church.  Acts is the second most misunderstood book in the bible. Revelation being the first. The Acts of the Apostles, it is not.  It is the Acts of the Holy Spirit. What makes a good spiritual church?  God has to be in the lead.  He is not  a sugar daddy God. Christian faith is missing in most of our churches. It all begins with a spirit filled heart. Great response at the altar. Must has touched some hearts thoroughly.

 Fathers were recognized and each were given a beautiful daddy poem and a miniature flash light as a small token of love.  I pray that all our fathers had a great day filled with love and family. 

All our grandchildren called and Gayle and Jimmy came down for the afternoon.

 Some of our people got away for a quick weekend enjoyment.  Sandy and Chuck; Tammy and Joey; and a bunch of teenagers enjoyed  Savannah and the beaches of Tybee Island.  A good time I’m sure.

We enjoyed Joe Shackelford, Glyn’s husband a couple of days last week.  He comes down on business and always likes to stay at the Buice Hide-a-way if it’s not booked. (an inside joke). 

Did you notice that our Little Miss Lilly had a haircut? She looks like a different young lady and it looks so cute on her. She is growing up on us too quickly. 

Had a couple of weddings last week. Congratulations to Wade Bell and Bonnie Huff who tied the knot on Wade’s birthday. I heard he said he married on his birthday so he could remember his anniversary. That’s a good way to do it. Also, our own Ruby Stewart McCord and Paul Harrison were married in a private ceremony in his church.   Congratulations to these four youngsters as they begin a new phase in their life together. God’s blessings wished for all four. 

Lisa Phares gave us some good news about Lou, her father. He was able to get out on Saturday, get a haircut and go visit Jessie in the nursing home. That is a big day for him. And I pray that he is going to continue to get better and stronger with each day.  Please continue to lift him up when you pray. 

I have a lot going on in my family and I do so desire prayers for those of my family that still grieves over the sudden passing of their brother and my cousin.  Also another cousin at this time is in the hospital with bad kidney problems.  Please remember Wayne Gaylor.

A very close loved one to our family, the Woodruff’s, Pam and Mark are again experiencing bad diabetes problems. Mark will go into the hospital on Wednesday praying the doctors can save his eight toes.  Pam also is diabetic and they both need our sincere prayers. Seems every way we look someone is experiencing problems with their health.   We received word last night that one we had been praying for had lost her husband yesterday.  They are family members of the Stewart family and I failed to get his name.  But we do send our love, prayers and sympathy to these families. 

 Thank you, Miss Ellie for the cucumbers you gave me. Lou always plants cucumbers for me especially to make my pickles but he was unable to do so this year. So, I’m begging and Miss Ellie came forward. I think I have close to enough for one batch.  And I do so appreciate them. I love sharing.   Last week I made squash pickles but I bought the yellow squash. The green zucchini was given to me so I took advantage of making something we all love. Hopefully my squash will be in soon and I will be able to make more to share. 

We are already looking ahead to July when I pray all my family will be coming.  I miss those that have moved so far away. Even North Carolina is a far-a-way place when we are notable to travel and they are all tied down with their jobs. But complete love and joy is in the future. 

Ginny and Danny Bell enjoyed Father’s Day at the Brave’s game on Sunday and the best part, they won!!!!!

Don’t forget this coming Sunday the 24th we will have our monthly benefit  luncheon for our Constructive Building Fund.   It is always a good meal for just $5 and it always goes for a good cause. We are in need of paving our parking lot.

 We will baptize on July 8 at 5 p.m. I don’t know how many but this is a special occasion.

Also, July 14th will be our one-day Vacation Bible School.   It is well planned and should be a great time of learning for our youngsters.

I want to do a shout out for what my granddaughter Leah did for her daddy for Father’s Day.  She took him to Destin, Florida for about a week and they celebrated about all week.  I think Mark, my son-in-law took them out deep sea fishing about every day.   Bless you Leah, and Phil, I know you enjoyed being with your only daughter.  Love for both of you.

I want to wish a belated birthday blessing to a great friend of many years.  Florence Hutto of Aiken, SC celebrated her 91st birthday this weekend with all her family with her.  What a blessing she has been to so many throughout all the years we have been friends.   Also, tomorrow the 19th, one of my bests friends from back in grammar school will celebrate. June Black Henley, I wish I was there to celebrate with you. Blessings for you.  Also, Joe Shackelford will celebrate a big one on the 24th. Happy birthday to Cameron Busbee on the 21st, Shane Stewart on the 22nd, Roger Perkins on the 24th, William Stewart 26th, Chelsea and Dustin Bonner, the 27th and 28th.

Always pray for each other, our country and our President.  Those that have lost loved ones, those that are nearing the gate and all the sick in the area. I know our God does hear our prayers.

Until next week may the Lord bless you really good.

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