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Greetings from The Springs!  The 2018 USBC Youth Week was an outstanding success.  Our youth had numerous accomplishments over the past school year and our high school graduates are moving on to college as they advance to the next stage of their lives.

  Sunday, June 17, 2018 was Father’s Day and I pray that all the men out there had a great day with their families.  This was also Youth Day at USBC and it was celebrated with enthusiasm.

The Youth Department was in charge of the entire program and coordinators, Jada Watts and Nicole Parks did a fantastic job.  The theme of the day was, “Rise Up, Take Courage and Do It” (Ezra 10:4).  Let me say that our youth are being well groomed to be the future church leaders of tomorrow.

The Mistress of Ceremony was Shan Bingham and she hosted with the ease of a news anchor.  Trinity Sanders and Layla Veasley gave the welcome followed by a recitation of the poem, “Hey Black Child” performed by Machell Malcolm, DeMari Smith, Jermeria Cost and Aris Hubbard.

  Next was a slide show presentation of “I AM” declarations shown by the youth, which was accompanied with singing by the beautiful voice of Kelsei Etchinson.

There are numerous student accomplishments so hold on for the ride.

High school graduates are as follows with their college choices.  Robert M. Boswell graduated from Putnam County H. S. but has not decided on a college.  Jessica Floyd from Morgan County H. S. and will attend Athens Technical College pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education.

Aris Hubbard from Morgan County  and will attend Georgia Southern University on a full ride Track Scholarship.  Aris was awarded USBC 2018 Youth of the Year.

Angela Hyman from Social Circle and will attend Kennesaw State University.  She graduated with CNA and PCT certificates and is working toward a nursing degree.  Ms. Hyman also received seven scholarships and eight honors.

Antonio Meadows from Walnut Grove and will attend Gordon State College.  He is seeking a Business Marketing and Design degree.  Janza Myricks from Social Circle H. S. and will attend Albany State University to pursue degrees in Early Childhood Education and Computer Science.  Jacarius Robinson from Morgan County H. S. and will attend LaGrange College on a football scholarship.  He is seeking degrees in Sports Medicine and Criminal Justice.  LaTrabius Stokes from Morgan County H. S. and will attend Ogeechee Technical College pursuing a degree in Business Communication.

All of these students received a graduation gift from the church and Pastor Terrell.  The Vessels of Praise gave a scholarship and dorm room furnishings to Jacarius Robinson.  Two church achievement awards were given to Aris Hubbard and Antonio Meadows.  The Johnny Thomas “J. T.”  Award, presented by Minister Toni Terrell, was given to Angela Hyman.  The Business Leader Overcomer’s Award was given to Jacarius Robinson.  Rita Harris presented the Living Life Team Scholarship Award to Aris Hubbard.

Other youth achievements are as follows.  Stanley Nelson, A-Honor Roll.  Justin Hubbard, Jr. had a 4.0 GPA and will attend the Boys State Leadership Camp here in Georgia.  He also has a summer internship at Anthony Glass Company in Madison to gain knowledge and experience in the Engineering field.

Layla Veasley made the A-Honor Roll with a 97 or above average in all her academic subjects.  Unique Hubbard made the varsity cheerleading team.  Chloe Floyd made the A-B Honor Roll and had a 97 or above in Social Studies and Spanish.

Myles Alexander met all the requirements to cross over from a Wolf to a Bear in Cub Scouts.  He received a special award from the principle for earning 500 Pandas over the course of the school year for completing his assignments in a timely manner, being helpful in the classroom and around the school, making good choices and being an overall good student.

  Cody Floyd was the top of his kindergarten class.  Quincy Kawan had perfect attendance.  Linton Goss graduated eighth grade with five high school credits and a GPA average of 104%.  Leila Goss had all A’s in her A-P courses and received Drumline Captain in Marching Band.  Ta’Nayah Briney made the National Junior Honor Society, Honor Roll, had the highest average in her English class and completed her Sign Language class.  Kaden Tompkins received the Presidential Award, A-Honor Roll and had the highest GPA in his Social Studies class.  K’mirria Lawrence received the Academic Achievement Award and on the A-B Honor Roll.  K’dajai Thompkins made the A-B Honor Roll.

  Whewww!  That was a lot!  Keep up the great work.  Trinity Sanders had perfect attendance since Pre-K.  She also made the A-B Honor Roll.  Jared Sanders went to the State Tournament in Golf.  He also had a 3.4 GPA for the year.

Son of The Springs, Minister Marneze Walker, delivered the Youth Day message.  Preaching like a seasoned veteran, he stood boldly and presented the Word of God with power.  This was truly a Holy Ghost filled service and the Spirit did indeed move on Sunday morning.

His message was geared towards dads, grads and the rest of us.  Coming from 1 Samuel 17: 45-51 where David slew Goliath, Minister Walker’s sermon centered on the breakthrough battles that we have in life.

In this passage, David had been anointed king at the age of fifteen but he was not in the position yet.  He was at the place where he would experience a breakthrough battle when we went up against Goliath.  This was not his first battle but it was an important one.  He was not supposed to be the one to defeat this giant but he did.

This battle changed his life, his father’s life and the lives of his children to come.  Often the battles we face now may change generations in the future.  Minister Walker made a significant point saying that the level of conflict you face reflects the level of blessings headed to you.  Some of us are too afraid to attack the giant in our lives.  The breakthrough battle makes you shift to another level in life.  When you get there, will you settle for where you are or keep fighting?

  Now David was not an overnight success.  He had to kill the bear and the lion.  He was skilled at what he did.  He praised and worshipped.  He prayed.  He endured.  Your circumstances may seem dark but endure.  You have to put some practice in to get to the next level.

  So how do you know if you are in a breakthrough battle?  Minister Walker said that there are three ways to know.

  First, see if you are in a behavior battle.  Often you can experience breakthroughs when you conquer the behavior of obedience.  David was obedient and this led to the opportunity to defeat the giant.  How is your attitude when asked to do a simple task?  You win this behavior challenge with discipline and consistency.

  Next, you are in a breakthrough battle when you are involved with brotherly struggles.  Sometimes the greatest breakthroughs we can achieve are with people.  Some people around you may have a hard time accepting your move to a new level.  David’s own brothers questioned him.  You are transforming but they are fixated on how you were in the past.  It is difficult for them to understand why God chose you.  Often it is easier to fight an enemy than to fight someone you love.  David’s own brothers questioned him.

Finally, Minister Walker said that you are in a breakthrough battle when there is a struggle in your belief system especially your faith in God.  David put all his trust in God.  “This day the Lord will deliver you into my hand, and I will strike you and take your head from you.  And this day I will give the carcasses of the camp of the Philistines to the birds of the air and the wild beasts of the earth, that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel.”

The battle is not yours but you still have to show up for the fight.  Do you trust God enough to believe that He will do it for you?  Can you stand on the Word?  Can you believe in God and believe in yourself?  Your capacity to receive more depends on your breakthrough battles.  It is all dependent on you.  If you want more, you can get it.  If you want better, you can have it.  How big is your hunger for the battle to succeed?

This phenomenal sermon reminded us there are some conflicts that we have to go through to move to another level.  However, we let things like our attitudes, our faith or even other people stop us from receiving the blessings that are waiting for us.  Minister Walker laid it all out for us in his sermon.  Prayerfully, we will all take heed to it.

  I must mention to you that at the end of service, his wife, Jasmine, prayed for those that desired to make it past those breakthrough battles.  This prayer ushered in another move of the Spirit and I believe that many obtained deliverance from being bound by the enemy.  Watching and experiencing this young couple flow in their gifting lets me know that there is another power duo working in the Kingdom.  Glory Be To God!

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