Man dies in farm tragedy

Patrick Yost News

A 57-year-old Buckhead man died tragically last week in a farming accident.

According to Sgt. Brandon Sellers, Investigations Division, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, Thomas Henry Tietjen was pronounced dead at the farm where he was employed. According to Sellers, Deputy Morgan County Coroner Jeff Rogers said Tietjen died of “blunt force trama” after he was caught in a hale baler.

Sellers said authorities were called to the Mt. Zion Road farm at 11:36 a.m. He said the farm’s owner, Joseph Larman, 84, and Tietjen were both working in the field and on a hay baler machine when a quick and powerful storm engulfed the men in rain. Sellers said Larman took refuge from the rain in the enclosed cab of the tractor and, apparently, Tietjen sought cover in the hay baler. “We think he stood or set down under the open baler to get out of the rain,” Sellers said.

Larman, Sellers said, was not sure where Tietjen was and began manipulating the tractor’s controls to determine if the device was in working order. At some point, Sellers said, Tietjen was trapped in the device.

Sellers said the cause of death is blunt force trauma.

No charges are expected in the incident.

“There did not appear to be foul play at all,” he said. “Nothing tells us it was anything more than a tragic accident.”

Tietjen was employed at the farm for more than 10 years, Sellers said, and lived on the property.

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