Bostwick City Council cleans up ordinances

Whit Carpenter News

The Bostwick City Council voted unanimously to adopt recommendations to changing its zoning ordinances during a regularly scheduled meeting on July 2.

“We’re updating our ordinances,” said City Councilor Angie Howard.

“We were quite fragmented with what the county had and what the other cities had. It didn’t really line up.”

The proposed changes will make the zoning ordinances resemble the corresponding regulations in other areas of the county.

“We adopted what the county set forth so that the county and all the cities are streamlined with the same square footage and road rummage,” Howard said. “It makes it more consistent.”

Changes included adding a minimal lot width for commercial and industrial uses, added setbacks for those uses and setting a minimal heated square footage for all residences, according to Chuck Jarrell, director of Morgan County Planning and Development.

These regulations will affect people planning to move into the Bostwick area. “If you come in and buy property, you’ll have to abide by the zoning ordinances,” Howard said.

Residents that currently live in the area will be grandfathered in, according to Howard.

The Bostwick City Council also accepted a $750 donation from the Wellington Masonic Lodge and the Bostwick Fire Department for the Veteran’s Memorial Association.

The contributions were gathered from a BBQ fundraiser.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be held in August at City Hall.

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