Madison Police Department

Madison Police Department

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On July 7 an information report was filed at a Skyline Drive residence. According to reports, a man told officers that sometime between June 30, 2018 and July 7, 2018 someone entered his property and broke the rear driver’s side window on his white, 2006 Ford Expedition. The man said he or his wife occasionally check on the vehicle because it is not a daily driver for the couple.

On July 5 a warrant for violating a protective order was filed against Willie Frank Pitts, 51, Madison. According to reports, a woman told officers that she suspected Pitts of leaving a brick and lug nuts near the front door of her Levi Court residence as a form of harassment. The woman said that despite a protective order against Pitts, Pitts allegedly called her several times a day from a blocked cell phone number.

While the officer was speaking with the woman Pitts called her from a blocked cell phone number. The woman answered and put the call on speaker phone for the officer’s benefit. Pitts allegedly told the woman, reports state, that he had observed a man bring the woman home in the morning and allegedly inquired how the woman “would stoop that low having a relationship with that particular person.” The woman told Pitts that her actions were “none of his business” and reminded Pitts that he had a protective order against him. The officer then commandered the phone and told Pitts to stop communicating with the woman and Pitts allegedly agreed. The officer left the scene and roughly a quarter of mile away he observed Pitts following him on Bramblewood Drive.

The officer stopped Pitts on Cook Hill Road and reminded him that if he communicated with the woman he would be arrested. Pitts was then released and warrants regarding the violation of a court order were taken.

On July 3 a harassing phone calls complaint was filed at a Poplar Street residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that a man with whom she ended a relationship approximately one year ago continued to harass her via phone calls, text messages and on Facebook posts.

The woman said the man has been calling her place of employment and she was afraid the harassment would affect her employment. An officer contacted the man at his Richmond Hill, Ga. residence and advised him of the harassment complaint and advised him to have no further contact with the woman. The officer also learned that there was an outstanding warrant for the man from Liberty County in regards to an assault complaint against the man filed by the complainant.

On June 23 a criminal damage to property complaint was filed at a Levi Court residence. According to reports, a woman showed an officer where someone had thrown a red brick through the back window of her company vehicle while the vehicle was parked at her residence.

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