Morgan Fire Council works on 5-year plan

Whit Carpenter News

The Morgan County Fire Chief’s Advisory Council discussed a 5-year strategic plan to address needs within the department on Monday, June 25, at 7 p.m. in the Public Safety Complex.

Brittany and Brandon Maxey, co-chairmen on the recruitment and retention committee, presented programs to attract more volunteers.

They are planning to partner with schools in the area, according to Brittany. “We have hopes of starting that in the Fall of 2019,” she said.

Other committees focused on the condition of the 16 stations in the region, truck, fire engines and extrication tools.

“We are currently reviewing issues in the stations and making a list of things that need to be improved,” said Randy McGlauchlen, chairman of the station committee.

The rescue tools committee expressed a need to have another full set of tools in the South District and replacements for aging sets.

The committees will continue to investigate and compile their plans. The findings and recommendations will be sent to the county commissioners in January of 2019.

The meeting also covered an upcoming training program for volunteers under licensed officers. The 60-hour diver and operator course will show them how to properly operate a pump and get familiar with the vehicles.

The department will also implement a new reporting software program called Image Trend later this year.

The meeting presented a quarterly training participation and call response report for volunteers across the 16 stations. Volunteers in the fire or rescue divisions are expected to meet 50 percent of calls and trainings within their respective areas.

A new policy will be implemented in dispatch centers to start thoroughly vetting calls to assess whether response from Fire and Rescue is required at the scene.

This will hopefully increase the department’s efficiency, according to Cindy Williams, administrative assistant for the Fire Department. We have limited resources that might be spread too thin otherwise, she said.

The next Fire Chief Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 24, at the Public Safety Complex. The meeting was pushed back a day to coincide with training for the Image Trend program.

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