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By Dr. Elise Faust, Madison Family Chiropractors

I’m sure many of you have heard that “stress” is one of the main causes of dis-ease in the body. So many things, we are told,  “cause” stress. How exactly does stress cause your body to produce symptoms?

Stress is defined as “tension or pressure exerted on a material object (you), a state of emotional or mental strain resulting from very demanding circumstances (life). Your body is designed to respond to these stressors. When stress occurs, the body responds by going into a “fight or flight” response. Your nervous system prepares you either to  fight off the stressor or run away from it; your heartrate and blood pressure increases; the body releases chemicals that increase tension in the tissues. This response is important and necessary. Then, once the stress has been addressed and resolved, the nervous system brings the body back to a balanced state.

Why then, does stress cause symptom and disease if the body can bring itself back to balance?

Here’s why (in a nutshell). It is because we have so many stressors that the body is adapting to that the body’s natural ability to cope with stress is compromised.

Take a moment to think of all the things in your (and your child’s) life that cause you pressure, tension, and emotional/mental strain….

If you’re like me, there are a lot of them.


The good news is that we now know through research that there are simple but powerfully effective things you can do to support the body (especially the nervous system), and reduce the harmful effects of long term stress.

Here are a few very effective ones…

• Chiropractic adjustments directly and quickly balance the nervous system by relieving nerve irritation and flow due to misalignments in the spine

• Massage Therapy brings the body to a deeper state of relaxation

• Deep, slow breathing reduces the heart rate and lowers blood pressure. (Really, it does!)

• Meditation (all kinds) calm the mind and the agitation in the body

This time of year, when school is starting back and schedules are being changed (which can also cause some stress), is a good time to reassess your self care/health care. Figure out what you NEED to do to keep your body able to do all the things you WANT to do. Don’t underestimate the long term effects of chronic stress on your health!

If  you need help figuring out what health supportive care you may need,  then give me or Dr. Vince a call…we’d love to help!!!!

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