Avoid the hassle with prescription refills

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By Blair Hanemayer

Refilling your prescriptions can be a confusing task. Depending on when you filled them initially, you may find yourself going to the pharmacy multiple times a month, or week! Wouldn’t it be great if there was a time saving tool that could help you get organized & stay organized?

Look no further Morgan County because Thrifty Mac Pharmacy has a solution for you!!


This successful program offers total automation when providing medications for patients. Synchronizing patients’ medications so they only have to make 1 visit to the pharmacy a month for your refills. Med Sync allows Thrifty Mac’s staff to insure patient’s refills are in stock and ready. Their staff will also text or call patients to discuss their needs prior to refill and make adjustments as needed.

In addition to Med Sync, they also offer an AUTO PAY program, where the patient›s charges are taken directly out of their checking account via electronic check. This is a very safe and secure method of payment, which is followed by a secure email detailing charges to each patient.

Considering the Thrifty Mac drive-thru is available during store hours, patients that take advantage of these programs enjoy a seamless pickup process. Patients can simply drive by and pick up their meds in a matter of seconds. Best of all, these services are provided to all patients FREE of any additional charges!

Thrifty Mac is a locally owned pharmacy with 42 years of exceptional service. Accepting essentially every known type of insurance, most patient’s med costs are the same as they would be at any other pharmacy. This along with their extensive selection of home medical equipment such as, Hospital Beds, Wheelchairs, Oxygen, Walkers, Diabetic Supplies and much more, provides service and accessibility to patients of all ages.

Stop in and take advantage of The Thrifty Mac difference. Where patients receive old fashion corner drug store service, courtesy of caring staff who take time to serve each patient.

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