Congressional candidate makes a stop in Madison

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Tabitha Johnson-Green, Democratic nominee for District 10 United States House of Representatives, visited Madison Friday, July 13, for a strategy and fundraising planning session at the Chophouse. Johnson-Green and her campaign team are working to develop that team as she travels from county to county in District 10 leading up to the November election and are looking for volunteers from each of the 26 counties.

“I am running because I want to make a difference,” Johnson-Green stated.

“I want to help shape and define the laws that affect our everyday lives and circumstances. I’m not a career politician. I’m an everyday citizen, and I know the struggles of the everyday citizen. I know what it’s like to have to struggle between paying a life bill, buying groceries, or paying for overpriced prescription medicine.”

“We need people who know people,” commented Fundraising Manager Doreen Taylor.

“Whether you’re a carpenter, teacher, construction worker, doctor, or grocer, we want people who will help share what Tabitha Johnson-Green stands for.”

As a registered nurse of 20 years who has seen people struggle, Johnson-Green shared her platform on healthcare reform: “If we were able to expand Medicaid, then that would stop a lot of our rural hospitals from closing. Right now, the rural hospitals are closing at alarming rates. In essence, if people come into the emergency room who cannot pay the bill, that causes the hospitals to not be able to pay their bills and eventually close. I am for universal healthcare. We need to explore other options and look at models like Switzerland where every citizen is covered.”

Other platforms that Johnson-Green is running on were presented including education reform and gun safety. She elaborated that she wants to enable public schools to keep par with charter schools and advocated for a nation-wide, interconnected database to work to prevent instances like the Waffle House shooting in Tennessee in which the shooter was a man unable to own guns in the state of Illinois.

After winning the Democratic nomination against Chalis Montgomery, the two women have spoken with one another about topics on which they shared similar opinions and discussed how to go about realizing those goals. This dialogue included increased access to rural broadband as the benefits of wider access for both students and small business owners are key motivators for each of the women.

Johnson-Green is further encouraging people to register to vote before November.

“Roughly half of all eligible voters are unregistered in most counties in District 10,” Democratic Party of Georgia Congressional District Chair 10 Melinda Rider added.

To register to vote, go online to the Morgan County Board of Elections or pick up a registration form at the Board of Elections’ Office at 343 Hancock Street in Madison, Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Uncle Remus Regional Library, or Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS).

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