Couple arrested for animal cruelty

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Officers found more than eight dogs, two goats and even turtles neglected when they responded to a trespassing complaint at a Pierce Dairy Road residence last week.

Emaciated Pit Bull and Chihuahua breed dogs were locked in cages with no water or food, and a goat was straining against a chain spike for blades of grass. Mud and slime covered the ground.

The discovery led to the arrest of Tammy Haley, 46, from Madison, for 15 counts of cruelty to animals on Saturday, July 14, according to a report from the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office.

Her husband, Eddie Haley, 35, was later arrested on July 16, after running from authorities.

Deputy Frank Wheeler responded to a trespass complaint filed by the property owner.

Fowler said that Tammy Haley and Eddie Haley were being evicted. They had allegedly ruined the house and failed to maintain the property, the report said.

While waiting for the couple to arrive, Wheeler observed five small animal cages behind the property each containing one dog. Four Chihuahuas and one Pit Bull were in separate stages of poor health, according to the report.

“The Pit Bull in the cage on the right appeared to be in malnutrition, all of its ribs were visible and the dog seemed to be in general bad health,” Wheeler wrote. No food, water or empty bowls were found in the cages.

As Wheeler continued through the property, he saw two cages with one Pit Bull in each. The floors were muddy, and the water bowls were covered in slime, the report said.

“The skeletal structure could be seen through their skin,” Wheeler wrote.

Two goats were found behind the cages, one underneath a recreational camper and one chained to a spike in the ground. The chained goat had allegedly eaten all of the grass and shrubs in the area.

“It was pulling on the chain the whole time I was on scene trying to get a food source just outside of its reach,” Wheeler wrote.

Two more cages each containing a Pit Bull were found opposite to the side of the camper with the goats. Similar to the previous cages, the dogs purportedly malnourished. There were empty food bowls, and the water bowls had a layer of slime across the surface, according to the report.

Deputy Christopher Lash called Morgan County Animal Control to assess the animal’s condition.

Wheeler found the door to the residence and camper open. He allegedly observed an aquarium with turtles swimming around in green water. After contacting the Morgan County Dispatch Center, Wheeler was informed that Eddie Haley had an active warrant for traffic offenses in Porterdale, Ga.

At this time, a blue car pulled into the driveway. Tammy Haley emerged from the driver side rear. She reportedly said that Eddie Haley jumped from the car at the sight of the police vehicles and darted into the woods.

Wheeler, Lash and Sgt. Deputy Jackson searched the area for Eddie Haley but were unsuccessful.

Tammy Haley and Fowler supposedly gave authorities permission to the enter the house and camper. “The residence was unlivable and had animal feces in every room,” Wheeler wrote. “In the back room off of the kitchen there were human feces on the floor.”

Tammy Haley was then arrested and charged with 15 counts of animal cruelty and is currently being held at the Morgan County Detention Center, according to the report. Animal control seized all the animals. Eddie Haley was arrested on July 16.

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