Cagle makes late push

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Lt. Gov. and gubernatorial candidate Casey Cagle praised Morgan County’s college and career academy program at a campaign event in Madison.

“You’re going to be a beacon,” Cagle said. “A beacon of light to the entire world. They’re going to say that college and career academy over there is not just simply an educational place. It is an economic engine that is fueling our economy.”

Dr. James Woodard, the superintendent for Morgan County, spoke in favor of Cagle.

“On behalf of an old school superintendent, an old vocational education guy, we really appreciate the vision that you had putting together these college and career academies,” Woodard said.

“And what we want to stand for in Morgan County is a model that can be replicated to a lot of other rural counties in Georgia.”

For Cagle, education is the driving force of a state and county.

“How do we break the cycle of poverty? My opponent criticized me for saying that I want to cut poverty in half, as if we couldn’t do it,” he said. “You know how you do it? It’s that college and career academy. Education is the great equalizer.”

The primary race between Cagle and Georgia’s Secretary of State Brian Kemp grew tight and tough in the weeks leading up to Tuesday’s election. Kemp received endorsements from President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Cagle addressed these backings, claiming that national politics should not interfere with matters of state government.

“I don’t necessarily think that we need Washington D.C. determining who our next governor should be,” Cagle said. “That decision needs to be determined by Georgians.”

Gov. Nathan Deal endorsed Cagle in the week prior, calling him the best candidate to push that state forward. Cagle invoked Deal’s support and legacy during the speech.

“That was a humbling experience to go through,” he said. “We have seen areas of growth like we could have never imagined. That doesn’t happen by accident, and by partnering with Governor Deal, we’ve been able to do that.”

The speech resonated with several members of the crowd that applauded his vision for Georgia.

“He’s got a real passion about moving Georgia forward,” said Telfair County Sheriff Christopher Steverson.

“He’s rising children out of poverty. The effort he put forth has created numerous success stories.”

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