Sheriff’s Office seeks more than $100,000 in forfeiture

Whit Carpenter News

Nearly  $100,000 in cash, 12 vehicles and 21 guns are being processed by the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit through civil forfeiture following a drug raid by the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office in May.

“I’m told this is the largest drug seizure from investigation within Morgan County,” said Chief Deputy Keith Howard. “That doesn’t include seizures from traffic stops on I-20.”

In addition to the $97,000 found, officers discovered almost $2,000 in coins, 15 10-ounce silver bars and 23 silver coins, including a commemorative Donald Trump coin.

“There is a drug seizure fund,” Howard said. “That money will be used by the Sheriff’s Office. We could make the decision to auction off the silver bars and coins.”

The court system has awarded more than $27,000 to the Sheriff’s Office from seizures between January and May of this year.

Twenty-one firearms were found as well as ammunition, holsters and a Bushnell scope. The guns included a Winchester 12-guage shotgun, a GSG-522 rifle with suppressor and a Titan .25 caliber pistol. The weapons may be auctioned or sold to a dealer.

“We have an option to sell those to a licensed gun dealer for a set price,” said Howard.

Officers seized a black 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle, an orange 1974 MG Convertible and a black 1971 Harley Davidson. They also apprehended a Craftsman zero-turn lawnmower, Procraft 1750V boat and a Bobcat T190 skid steer. The 12 vehicles, two trailers and generator will be auctioned off, according to Howard.

The 252 stamps of LSD, more than 10 pounds of marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) oil, THC wax and approximately 100 grams of psychedelic mushrooms will be incinerated after the case has concluded.

“We may keep a few of the drug-related items for display,” said Howard.

The Sheriff’s Office found digital scales, glass smoking pipes and food saver vacuum sealer and material. “We might keep the digital scales and vacuum sealer if they’re functional,” Howard said.

Scott David Petersen, 37, and Clinton Mitchell Thomas, 37, allegedly used these objects to package and sell narcotics.

Petersen and Thomas were arrested during the raid and are currently in custody. Petersen faces eight drug and firearm related charges while Thomas faces five. Both have had drug charges in the past.

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