July 24 –August 2 Real Estate Transactions Total $14,023,028

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July 24, 2018

•New Leaf Homes, LLC of Greensboro, Ga. to Charles Ray Brittain, Sr. of Madison, 044A 106 (1020 Kent Court Madison), $308,752.

July 25, 2018

•Wayne R. LaLiberte of Madison to Troy Allen Dial of Oxford, Ga., Fairplay Road, Rutledge, 11.573 acres, $138,876.

•Ronald Scott Love of Covington to Ronald Moore, Jr. of Rutledge, 3590 Doster Road, Rutledge, $285,000.

•KHK Holdings Limited Liability Company of Cumming, Ga. to Wargal Holdings, LLC of Madison, 2970 Pierce Dairy Road, Madison, 13.165 acres, $200,000.

•KHK Holdings Limited Liability Company of Cumming, Ga. to Wargal Holdings, LLC of Madison, Maddox Road and Pierce Daily Road, Madison, 71.835 acres, $605,000.

July 27, 2018

•Lisa Moore of Monroe, Ga. to Dewey Paul Martin, Jr. of Marathon, Fla., 177 Williams Street, Rutledge, $50,000.

•Charles William Turbyville Jr. Estate of Fredrick, Md., to James Leonard Starr of Madison, 3720 Indian Creek Road, Madison, 21.58 acres, $110,000.

•Ruby B. Cakora as Adminstrator of the Estate of Elizabeth… of Madison to Dondi Lebron Demonia of Madison, 1861 Prospect Road, Madison, $49,000.

•Daniel Mark Gissendaner of Monroe to Daniel Austin Gissendaner of Covington, 1331 Morris Road, 2 acres, Madison, $14,300.

July 30, 2018

•354 Poplar, LLC of Madison (805 Park Lane) to Thomas Preston Investments, Inc. of Atlanta, 376 Poplar Street, Madison, $116,000.

•Mercantile of Madison to Thomas Preston Investments, Inc. of Atlanta, 140 West Washington Street, Madison, $650,000.

•Susan Denise Dickson of Madison to Montresia Wilson of Madison, 1010 Wildflower Way, Madison, $174,900.

•Betty Connell of Madison to Gary Mark Fielder of Madison, 1095 Creekwood Circle, Madison, $336,000.

•Leslie F. Ryals of Chattanooga, Tenn. to Kathryn A. Lockwood of Madison, 1070 Whispering Lakes Drive, Madison, $223,500.

•Oconee Investment Group, LLC of Eatonton to Curtis E. Harraway, Jr. of Buckhead, 1341 Sugar Creek Trail, Buckhead, $295,000.

•Jimmy Ray Musselwhite of Bishop, Ga. to Megan Cown of Bishop, Ga., 1571 Riverwalk Road, Bishop, $65,000.

•Yvonne L. Deines of Canton Lake, Texas to Charles E. Hawkins of Madison, 444 North Main Street, Madison, $425,000.

July 31, 2018

•Tommy Martin Builders, Inc. of Buckhead to Stephen C. Long of Madison, M12 038, $179,900.

•Newborn Morgan Properties, LLLP of Atlanta, to ADIC, Inc. of Decatur, Ga., 3830 Newborn Road, Mansfield, 1,233.9 acres, $6,900,000.

•Oconee Acquisitions, LLC of Knoxville, Tenn. to Robert George Blackadar of Newnan, Ga., 1100 Dockside Drive, Buckhead, $179,900.

•Alesha K. Portwood of Buckhead to Brett Scott Williams of Buckhead, 2011 Cedar Grove Road, 5.42 acres, Buckhead, $279,900.

•DDD Partnership of Davis, Calif. to Sean Casey of Brooklyn, NY, 1501 Brownwood Road, 10.2 acres, Madison, $310,000.

•Bethany A. Owens of Madison to Summer Singleton of Good Hope, Ga., 1101 Jones Wood Lane, 4.02 acres, Good Hope, Ga., $133,000.

Aug, 1, 2018

•Lee M. Abney of Madison to Jason C. McAllister of Madison, 1131 Arbor Lane, 0.65 acre, Madison, $315,000.

•Kimberly Gray (f/k/a Kimberly L. Biscoglia) of Madison to Thomas Preston Investments, LLC, 577 Belmont Street, Madison, $159,000.

•Christopher T. Houghton of McDonough, Ga. to Jimmy Britt Builders, Inc. of Watkinsville, Ga., West Main Street, Rutledge, 012 094, 5 acres, $75,000.

•Randall D. Maughon to Madison to Cynthia Joy Peppers of Madison, Madison, 45.57 acres, $875,000.

Aug 2, 2018

•Javan Jordan of Clarksville, Ga. to Historic Madison Properties, LLC of Atlanta, 638 South Main Street, Madison, .58 acre, $540,000.

•Bank of Madison of Madison to RBC Homes LLC of Madison, 1010 Oak Hill Lane, Madison, $15,000.

•Bank of Madison of Madison to RBC Homes, LLC of Madison, 1030 Oak Hill Lane, Madison, $15,000.

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