Athens Tech in, Ga. Piedmont out in Morgan

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Athens Technical College is replacing Piedmont Technical College in servicing Morgan County.

On August 3, Morgan County officials appeared before the Technical College System of Georgia’s state board to request the change and the board voted unanimously to approve it.

Athens Technical College will now provide Morgan County students with opportunities for dual enrollment and workforce training, as well as provide opportunities for adult education and economic development.

“The commitment of Morgan County Charter School System is to deliver a wall-to-wall college and career academy which can serve as a model for others to replicate,” said Dr. James Woodard, superintendent of Morgan County Schools.   “We are very excited to partner with Athens Technical College to collaborate with us to ensure students have access to technical college training through the career academy model. This partnership will assist our efforts to increase the dual enrollment opportunities for our students.”

“They are just a better fit for us,” said Bob Hughes, president of the Madison-Morgan Chamber of Commerce. “It’s about proximity as much as anything else. Even though Piedmont has a campus in Newton County, the main campus is in DeKalb County and that’s a lot of counties to go through to get there. Our kids just identify more with the Athens area.”

“Athens Technical College is also a little more aggressive in their dealings with industry,” added Hughes. “We really appreciate that.”

According to Dr. Andrea Daniel, president of Athens Technical College, Morgan County is now the 11th Georgia county in the college’s service area.

“We are delighted and pleased to have Morgan County join our service area again,” said Daniel, who noted Athens Technical College used to service Morgan County over a decade ago before Piedmont Technical College took over.  “We will come in and present opportunities for students from Morgan County to come to Athens Technical College, Our main vision has always been and will always continue to be on workforce development in the region.”

Madison Mayor Fred Perriman is set to join Athens Technical College Board later this month.

“He is a wonderful leader and very open. We are looking forward to working with him,” said Dr. Daniel. “We have a great partnership with the school system as well.”

Athens Technical College offers a variety of certificate programs and degrees up to the Associate’s Degree level.

“We offer 189 programs, so Morgan County students will have a great opportunity to enroll with us here at Athens Technical College,” said Daniel.

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