25 years later family given time capsule

Sarah Wibell Community

When JoAngela Fierman and her husband, Marty, planned to have work done on their house, uncovering a time capsule last week was not something that she anticipated. Yet that is exactly what one of the workmen found in the crawlspace.

The house on Dixie Highway was built in 1992 by Bob and Rose Mary Hughes and sold by them to the Fiermans. When the current owners called Rose Mary on August 10 to see if she knew about the time capsule, the Hughes family recollected that the item had been hidden away in 1993.

“Quite frankly, we forgot about it. When JoAngela called me (and I saw the jar) it was just like, ‘Oh my, goodness, did we leave that?’” said Bob Hughes

“When Rose Mary and I had a house on Main Street, everybody else was tearing out and re-doing the houses back in the 1980s, and they would find silver coins and letters,” Hughes recounted. “So, Pamela and Bobby – our children, Rose Mary and I just thought it would be a fun thing to do a time capsule to be opened at some point in time (…) It has newspaper clippings, photographs, baby teeth, coins, a baseball card, all kinds of fun stuff. It’s a look back. We’ll figure out where we were, what we did, what we put in it, and what remembrances we had. It’s just a fun thing to do.”

With all four original time capsule contributors plus two grandchildren together this past weekend, the Hughes’ family opened the jar they had hidden 25 years earlier that was forgotten and finally found.

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