Britt new deputy clerk

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After 13 years of vacancy, the Morgan County Superior Court recently welcomed Kristy Britt as the new chief deputy clerk. Britt, who has served the court for 11 years, was sworn in Tuesday, August 28 to satisfy the role she has been well equipped to perform under Superior Court Clerk Jody Moss.

“There has not been one day since I’ve worked here in 11 years that it has been the same consistent day every single day,” Britt said, her blue eyes full of passion. “Just when you think you’ve got your finger on it, the law is going to change and every situation will be different … it keeps it exciting to me. Sometimes you have to dig, and the digging is what’s fun too.”

Moss, enthusiastic about Britt’s transition, says that she “had been praying for the right person to come” prior to Britt’s employment with the court.

Chief deputy clerk holds a hefty responsibility, as Britt will now become the “go to,” as Moss described, when the Superior Court clerk is not in the office. Any questions the inquiring public may have will be filtered through Britt who will, then, determine whether an issue should reach Court Clerk Moss.

Britt has been thoroughly educated in each facet of the office and is prepared to give sound advice in Moss’ absence.

“She’s a very quick learner,” Moss added. “She’s taken on Board of Equalization responsibilities, crossed trained on civil, and proofs the criminal stuff. Now she knows a little about it all … That’s what makes her the best for the job.”

Marked with humble beginnings, Britt’s career in the Superior Court has yielded a rewarding outcome.

“It was one of those things where I needed a job, so I was filling out my application in the court room as I was waiting to see if I was getting picked for jury,” Britt laughed.

Britt was hired as a receptionist to answer the phones, manage passports, and schedule notary appointments, occasionally dusting books.

“I was the book duster and I answered the phones,” Britt still laughing as she recalls the duties of her first position in the court. “I was proud of cleaning those books! They were huge.”

From that moment forward, she had no idea she would be working at the Superior Court for over a decade. With Britt embarking on a new journey in her career, and Moss in her fourth term, you can be sure these two are in it for the long haul.

“We’re going to be pushing each other in wheelchairs!” Britt exclaimed.

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