High profile film comes to Madison

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Another high-profile filming project came to “Y’allywood.” This week, you may have noticed a roadblock on Foster Street in Madison with a large film crew huddled outside a historic home for a couple of days. Topanga Production, Inc., out of Covington, is shooting a pilot for a new Showtime series called Queen Fur, starring Lily Mae Harrington (“Some Freaks”), Michael Mosley (“Seven Seconds”), Kim Dickens (Fear the Walking Dead) Jon Foster (“Like Father”), Joshua Mikel (“The Walking Dead”), Keith Machekanyanga (“Timeless”) and Spencer Howell (Ithaca).

The beautiful house on Foster Street serves as the home of the main character, portrayed by Lily Mae Harrington.

“If the pilot gets picked up, we will be back here,” said one crew member during filming on Thursday, Aug. 30.

According to Showtime,  “Queen Fur is a comedy/drama about Macy, a malcontent, 20-something, who lives in a small Florida town with her mother and young son.  Life has been difficult for Macy; she’s not always made the best decisions for herself. Realizing she must be more responsible for the sake of her son, Macy decides to pursue her dream of winning the local Muskrat Festival beauty contest in an effort to collect the prize money and buy braces for her son.”

According to Variety,   “Queen Fur is set in a small town in Central Florida where beauty pageants, gun culture, Cuban revolutionaries and Southern hospitality co-exist and collide. Lily Mae Harrington will star as Macy Dunleavy – a high school dropout who is finding her womanhood and is ready to seize a big opportunity.”

The show intends to explore complicated dynamics between strong female characters.

“Eileen has created a uniquely twisted female empowerment story that surprises at every turn,” said Gary Levine, president of programming for Showtime, to Variety. “I am confident that Lily Mae Harrington, playing this feisty, sexually confident, gun-toting underdog, will have audiences laughing, gasping and, ultimately, cheering for her!”

The series executive producer is Eileen Myers, who has worked on various series including “Masters of Sex,” “When We Rise,” “Mad Dogs,” “Last Resort,” “Hung,” “Dark Blue,” and “Big Love.

According to City of Madison officials, filming projects like this deliver some positive economic impacts, putting money in the pockets of private owners who allow filming on their properties and local hoteliers and business owners who receive business from the influx of film crews temporarily working in Madison.

“Statewide the numbers have shown a tremendous economic impact from the film industry,” said City Manager David Nunn. “I think Madison is willing to do our part as long as we approach it with some balance to keep our residents from being inconvenienced. But it’s always good to see Madison get some exposure.”

In recent years, Madison and Morgan County have been featured in numerous successful film and television projects, including Selma, Goosebumps, The Accountant,  The Originals, and Mena. Celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt, Oprah, Jack Black, and Reba McEntire have all came through Madison and Morgan County for various film projects. Look out for Queen Fur’s debut on Showtime.

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