The last jam

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One last hoorah will be held in the Morgan County High School Auditorium in October before it is demolished.

The Last Jam, a fundraiser to benefit the fine arts and band programs at Morgan County High School, will be held on Friday, Oct. 19 at 5:30 p.m. The event will feature 15 acts, comprised of current and past Morgan County High School students. Former MCHS Principal Mark Wilson will emcee as the best local talent rocks the house one last time for a good cause.

The concert will surely be a nostalgic bittersweet goodbye to a place that has showcased decades of MCHS students’ talent.

“This auditorium has seen thousands of plays, concerts, meetings, and recitals over the years–there are few people who have grown up in Morgan County who have not been here or performed here or watched a friend or child perform here,” said Tara Mahoney, a teacher at MCHS helping to organize the event.  “The Last Jam is going to be an amazing send-off for generations of residents who have come through this building.”

“We are wanting to send off our auditorium with a memory of the past for the former students and current students as the facility becomes the end of an era in our school lives,” said Jeffrey Rowser, director of the MCHS Band.

There will also be an MCHS faculty band, as well as a band fronted by art teacher Ty Manning called the Slawdog Biscuits. Tickets will cost $28. There will also be t-shirts, posters and other merchandise for attendees to purchase. All the money raised through the Last Jam will go to benefit the arts and band programs.

“This show is going to be epic!” said Manning.  “All musical genres will be covered: country, gospel, blues, rock, heavy metal, hip hop, maybe even a show tune or two! Plus, we have a few surprises!”

Organizers are even working with MCHS’s culinary arts program to create a commemorative jam to sell at the show.

“I’m excited about the new MCHS, but I’ve spent the last 17 years in the auditorium building,’ said Manning. “This place is sacred ground to me and for many of the people who are performing. Plus, this campus has been here almost a century! It deserves one LAST JAM before the wrecking ball!”  Stay tuned for more information as the event draws closer!

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