$5 million in real estate sales

Dianne Yost News

August 28, 2018

• Alvis  G. Dickerman of Madison to Algin Investments LLC of Loganville, 5421 Seven Island Road, Madison, $85,000.

• Stewart L. Johns of Madison to Brad J. Evans of Madison, 795 East Avenue, Madison, 1.44 acres, $405,000.

• Donald W. Becker of Madison to Eaglewood Properties, LLC of Madison, 1040 Brownwood Road, Madison, 2.643 acreas, $110,000.

• Christopher M. Broadnax of Madison to Luisa F. Trabanino Orellana of Madison, 1291 Wildflower Way, Madison, $189,000.

• Barbara J. Hendricks of Madison to Randy Bryan of Madison, 3891 Enterprise Road, Madison, 4.73 acres, $120,000.

August 30, 2018

• Shawnda S. Carter of Madison to Jim O’Neil of Eatonton, 1152 Shady Side Lane, Madison, $12,000.

• Sewell Road Ventures, LLC of Mansfield to Brian K. Perdue of Loganville, 1880 Sewell Road, Mansfield, 84.5 acres, $706,000.

• Jefferson L. Banks of Social Circle to Bodie A. Dickerson of Madison, 3240 Fairplay Road, Madison, 5 acres, $312,500.

• Wayne Tamplin of Madison to Mark Andrew Vaughters of Bishop, 2241 Bostwick Highway, Madison, 0.72 acre, $130,000.

• Wargar Holdings, LLC of Madison to Pierce Dairy Farm, LLC of Madison, 2970 Pierce Dairy Road, Madison, 85 acres, $865,000.

• Eduardo M. Cossio of Madison to Five Timbers, LLC of Madison, Double Bridges Road, 028/107H, 107 acres, $492,500.

• The Callidora Tribe of Lawrenceville to Pike Property LLC of Madison, Buckhead Road & Chivers Road, 41.583 acres, Buckhead, $311,873.

• Eric F. Butzlaff of Three Lakes, Wis. to Verlin S. Harper of Madison, 785 South Main Street, Madison, $385,000.

• Brad J. Evans of Madison to Dustin R. Weaver of Madison, 1240 Westminster Way, Madison, $285,000.

September 4, 2018

• Marvin J. Bone, Jr. of Madison to Ronald M. Erwin of Madison, 600 Foster Street, Madison, $125,000.

• George I. Holt of Rutledge to William D. Pritchett of Lilburn, Durden Road, Rutledge, 8.86 acres, $90,000.

• Jason Brown of Madison to Cynthia Reed of Madison, 699 Skyline Drive, Madison, $290,000.

• DDD Partnership of Davis, Calif. to Algin Properties, LLC of Loganville, 3300 Davis Academy Road, 15.209 acres, Rutledge, $195,000.

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