A new beginning

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In just over a month, hospital leaders will be handed the keys to a completed Morgan Medical Center, the $35 million new hospital in Madison.

By mid-October, construction will be finished as hospital staff begins stocking the new state-of-the-art hospital with equipment and furniture, as well as undergo training to operate the new facility. Patients will be welcomed in by mid-December into the brand new hospital, which more than doubles the size of the current hospital, coming in at 72,000 square feet with 25 licensed hospital beds.

“Our completion date is quickly approaching and our staff members are working hard to ensure that we are prepared to serve the community from our new location,’ said CEO Ralph Castillo.  “We are excited to be on track to offer the new hospital as a ‘Christmas Gift’ to the community in December!”

Morgan Medical Center is located at 1740 Lions Club Road in Madison. According to the Sr. Project Manager with B&G, Jep Pound, the building project is now 90-95 percent of the way complete.   Approximately 85 percent of the construction budget has been allocated and 90 percent of the equipment budget has been purchased.

“We continue to remain on budget and ahead of schedule with the new hospital construction,” said John Moore, Chairman of the Morgan Memorial Hospital Authority.  “The team has been very cost-conscious throughout the project’s entirety while still keeping patient safety and quality of care as our main priorities.  This is sure to be a state-of-the-art facility that the entire community can be proud of!”

MMH leadership highlighted the hospital’s current $10.5 million economic impact and estimated that a new facility would yield a $14.4 million economic impact in the first year with annual economic impact rising to over $17 million in the 10th year after opening as well as creating 84 new jobs in the county. During the time of the actual building of the new hospital, the construction process yielded over $50 million in economic impact throughout the county and 500 new jobs. The new hospital will enable MMH to enhance surgical specialties specifically identified in the Collaboration such as general surgery, urology, gynecology, orthopedics, and ophthalmology.

The current hospital is over half a century old. The new hospital will not only offer patients a modernized hospital fit for the 21st century, but will also enhance the privacy of patients.

“All of the patient rooms will now be private with in-room private restrooms,” said Megan Morris, director of community affairs and public relations for the hospital.  “A lot of the growth is in the Surgical Services area as well as the Emergency Department.  Patients in the Emergency Department will now be seen in private rooms rather than in bays separated by curtains. It’s a major improvement for patient privacy!”

According to Morris, other additions include private registration areas, a guest/employee dining area, gift shop, women’s health area with increased comfort and privacy, meeting/training/community education spaces and separate rooms for patient activities and patient dining.

“One feature we are very excited about is that we are getting a new X-ray machine that provides the lowest dose of radiation available on the market today,” added Morris.

Hospital leaders are excited to hold the annual Love Light fundraiser at the new hospital to showcase the new facility to the community on December 6 at 5:30 p.m.  The Love Light Tree Celebration is an annual event and serves as one of the hospital’s premier fundraisers of the year. This event gives donors the perfect chance to give to a worthy cause while paying homage to lost loved ones. Every year, donors purchase a light on the hospital’s Christmas tree in honor or in memory of a loved one.

“We are encouraging community members to mark their calendars for the first event scheduled to be held at the new hospital,’ said Megan Morris, director of community affairs and public relations for the hospital. “Our hospital auxiliary will host the Annual Love Light Reception at the new location.  Honorees, and those purchasing lights in their honor, will receive commemorative ornaments and have the opportunity to tour the facility that evening.  While Love Light is always a great celebration, this year’s event is sure to be extra special!”

In addition to opening a new hospital, the MMHA is encouraged beginning the new fiscal year in the black.

According to Kyle Wilkinson, chief finance officer for the hospital, the 2018 fiscal year ended with just over a $400,000 net income for the hospital. The first month for the new 2018-2019 fiscal year, July 2018, earned the hospital $192,776 in net income.

“We are starting the new fiscal year on solid ground,” said Wilkinson.

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