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On Sept. 10 a lost handgun report was field at Hickory Point Drive, Buckhead. According to reports, a woman said she placed her .38 caliber revolver on the hood of her vehicle to unlock a door. The woman said she then placed her other belongings in the vehicle and then drove off without retrieving the weapon. The woman said she returned back to her residence and searched for the weapon but could not find it.

On Sept. 8 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at a Craig Lane residence. According to reports, a couple alleged that a neighbor was using a bulldozer to push over trees on the complainant’s property against a fence. The complainant said he believed the neighbor was upset because he blames the neighbor for calling a game warden on the neighbor last Sunday, which the complainant denied knowledge of.

On Sept. 7 an information report was filed at an East Dixie Highway residence. According to reports, a mother reported that as she was packing items she found a cigar box with suspected drug paraphernalia in a bathroom used primarily by her 16-year-old daughter. The woman said she believed her daughter had been sober for two years after giving birth to a baby. Items in the cigar box included suspected methamphetamine, an unused needle, a marijuana grinder, rolling papers, an empty blunt wrapper, a white tube and three Q tips.

On Aug. 14 a found property report was filed at the Morgan County Courthouse, East Jefferson Street. According to reports, an employee with the Morgan Count Probate Judge’s office reported finding a $5 bill on the floor of the lobby of the Morgan County Courthouse. The currency was taken into custody and is currently being stored at the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office for safe keeping.

On Sept. 5 Horace Cooper, 52, Madison was arrested and charged with failure to obey stop sign, too fast for conditions and fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer. According to reports, a deputy assisting the city of Madison Police Department on a family violence call near Pearl Street the deputy was informed that Cooper was identified as the primary aggressor and was driving a Honda Civic. The deputy allegedly observed the Civic on Pearl Street and the vehicle turned right onto Eliza Morris Street at an alleged high rate of speed in a school zone during school hours. The deputy engaged his siren and blue lights but the Civic allegedly continued onto Garnett Street, onto Bostwick Road and onto March Street. The vehicle eventually came to a stop at a Hayes Street residence. Cooper was then arrested.

On Sept. 5 a burglary and theft by taking complaint was filed at a Little Creek Lane residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that her son and possibly a female accomplice had broken into her house and removed a .32 caliber semi automatic pistol and a light bar for a truck. The pistol is valued at $150 and the light bar at $200. The woman alleged that the son has broken into the house before. She also said, reports state, that he took a SD memory card from a security camera and cut wires to the system as well. She alleged that he has broken into her residence on several occasions.

On Sept. 5 a terrorist threats and acts complaint was filed at a Knight’s Ridge Drive residence. According to reports, a man said a man known to him continues to call him even though he has blocked his phone number. The complainant said the man now uses friend’s phones to call that the calls regard threats  to kill the complainant and and his family and burning down the complainant’s house.

On Sept. 4 a stalking complaint was filed at a Fairplay Road location. According to reports, a woman alleged that a white Ford 150 followed her while she and her family were traveling on Fairplay Road. The woman alleged the truck made every turn she made, even incorrect turns, and followed her vehicle to the Atlanta Highway.

On Sept. 4 a fraud complaint was filed at a Second Street, Bostwick location. According to reports, a complaint from Rutledge contacted authorities after he saw a house for rent on Second Street on a website called HOUSESFORRENT.WS. The complainant said he drove to the Second Street house and observed that it was occupied. He contacted a person from the website named John Smith via text message. Smith allegedly asked for a $500 deposit and $500 per month rent. When the man asked more questions regarding the house Smith quit responding to inquiries. A deputy located the actual owner of the house and was told that the house was under a year lease with its current tenant and that he had never heard of the website.

On Sept. 3 a terrorist threats and acts complaint was filed at a Double Bridges Road residence. According to reports, a 19-year-old male reported that he drove to the residence with a female friend to “chill.” The complainant said when he arrived a man and woman approached him and called him a derogatory racial name while pulling out a black and silver gun. The complainant said the man allegedly asked him if he had a gun and the complainant said he did not have a gun. The complainant said he turned from the man and the man again called him a derogatory racial slur and after he got back into his vehicle the complainant alleged the man held the gun to his head and threatened to shoot. A deputy reportedly identified a suspect and turned the suspect’s name to Morgan County Investigations.

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